Usually, door mats are placed at the entrance of the home. Perhaps, it’s the last decorative item that the owner thinks of after installing the furniture set and other items. Having a beautiful door mat will create a lasting impression on the guests visiting your home. It will keep your home clean and beautifies the look of the living room. Besides, it’s responsible for catching dirt, germs, dust and other unhygienic bacteria’s that can enter inside from outside area through shoes. Every homeowner will place a door mat in some rooms and areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, front doors, back doors and more. Plus, adding stylish door mats can do wonders and protects the floors. Some people buy a door mat design only to boost the beauty of the place. However, selecting the right unit can create a good impression, last for years, protects you from injury and adds an elegant touch to the place. Many people think about how to choose the right mat that matches their interior. Well, here is a write-up that will discuss a few tips. It will help you to select the appropriate mat that will suit your home and interior.

Where the door mat will be used?

You need to answer this question, where the mat will be used, inside or outside? That’s because, if you are going to utilize it in an outdoor area, then choose a unit with water-resistant and anti-skid feature. They are long-lasting and best for crowded indoor and outdoor areas.

Determine the size

Whenever you are purchasing a mat for any room, you should determine the size. The product you select should have enough length and width. It will perfectly fit the entrance. That’s because it allows the individual entering your home to rub their shoes properly. Thus, prevent dust, bacteria’s and moist entering inside. If you select a wrong size one, then the person may fail to rub his shoes properly. Thus, he may enter with dust and moisture inside and may make your floor dirty. Hence, you should purchase the right mat. Before visiting the online door mat store determine the entrance size and look for products within that size.

Choose a thick mat

During the summer season, often people notice that the mat slips and move to a different spot because of mud under it. Thus, to keep them in the right place, you should select a thick one with a non-slipping feature. Explore a variety of designs online and pick the one that goes well with your interior.

Decide on the shape

When you visit a store, you will discover a door mat for bathroom and entrance in several shapes. The most common ones are square, rectangle, oval and round. However, experts’ advice people to place a traditional one the rectangle shape at the entrance. That’s because other shape mats fail to occupy the entire space of the entrance. They are ideal to use in other rooms. For bathrooms look for bathroom door mats in stores.

Check the material

Mats are crafted from different materials, such as plastic, cotton, rubber, jute and more. Nylon is the most popular ones in the market. They are liked for their unique qualities. So, you can either buy a rubber or nylon one for the entrance area. However, rubber mats offer many benefits compared to others. They will catch mud and shoe dirt easily, especially in the rainy season. They are best for homes with main roads.

Decide the color and design

You have determined the shape, size and material. Now it’s time to focus on the color and design. You will be surprised to find a wide range of colors and designs, from simple to modern. You should always select the one that matches your home décor. Look for dark color shades. That’s because if you pick a light color and place it at the entrance, it will look untidy regularly. One can easily observe the dust or dirt on it. Thus, you need to wash it more frequently. Whereas dark color mats look good and do not highlight the dirt. One can select light colors for indoor purposes.


These are some tips that can help homeowners to buy the perfect door mat for their home. Keep these points in mind when shopping online or offline. Select the one that is best for your home.

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