Since the water quality is declining fast and safe drinking water is becoming scarce, the need for purifying water to make it potable is on the rise. If you are also planning to make your household one that has a water purifier, you must understand the process of getting the best purifier for your home. ‘Best’ certainly does not mean one that is fancy and the most expensive. The definition of ‘best’ varies for different people and only a part of it has to do with the water purifier price.

It is certainly important to look at the water purifier price list, but it should not be the first thing to look at. Before that, you have to consider many other factors and arrive at a shortlist of products. You must look at the prices of only these and not bother about the prices of other products. So, how do you get this relevant list of the water purifier prices in India?

Find Out Your Requirement from a Purifier

Water purification is of many kinds and varies from locality to locality, household to household. Get your water tested at a lab and determine the impurities present in it. You need to remove these and this defines your requirement. You could need UF, UV or RO processes to be present in any combination. Let us assume that you need one with RO+UV filtration. Now you move on to the next step.

Find a Place That Sells Water Purifiers

You can physically visit a store and ask the salesman to show you the various water purifiers with RO+UV filtration. Alternatively, you can visit an online store or a website that gives prices of all water filters and narrow down based on the purification process that is needed.

Compare the Features

While the salesman explains all the features of the purifiers, you have to start comparing them and rejecting the ones that do not fit the criteria of your family size, storage and daily requirement. Simultaneously, you can start rejecting the ones that are way beyond your budget.

When doing the same online, you can set an upper limit on the budget, but you must allow for some stretching of your budget to accommodate special features. You can also select the features that you desire in the set of filters that appear on the left.

Look at the Prices of Your Shortlisted Purifiers

Once you have gone through this process, you will have a list of only a few purifiers and their prices that are within your budget or at least close to the range. This is the only list that you must consider for your final purchase process as the others are not relevant. Now you can make a final comparison of the brands, their certifications, warranty and after-sales service.

The list of water purifier prices is important only for those products that matter to you and there is no point worrying about the others. So, you must follow the steps above to get the relevant list of water purifiers.

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