Created and owned by Microsoft, Xbox is one of the most popular gaming stations allowing people to interact and play games with or against each other. First introduced in the United States back in November 2001, Xbox is now home to millions of players. To give each one a unique identity, Gamertags are assigned to all which can be changed by the user. Gamertag generators are now trending for their amazing name ideas that one can select for themselves.

Gamertags are your identity in the Xbox gaming platform. It needs to be about you and your gaming style, whether it gives off a laugh, or comes off as heroic. Selecting the right gamertag can be hectic as you may not be able to change it later on. But don't worry, gamertag generators are here for the rescue.

Before we see how gamertag generators work, let's see how you can change your Xbox gamertag.

Changing your Xbox Gamertag
When an account is created in Xbox, a random gamertag is issued to the user initially. However, this name can be changed, but only once for free. Changing the gamertag more than once requires payment as keeping records of so much information costs a lot to the company.

One can change their gamertag from the official website of Xbox in the following ways:
Open the official website of Xbox.
Sign in using your registered email ID and password. Once you sign in, you will be able to see your gamertag on the top right corner of the next page.
Click on it to change it and enter your new gamertag. Make sure that your new gamertag follows the guidelines, is not more than 12 characters long and does not begin with a number.
Check its availability. You will be able to claim your new gamertag if it is available. Gamertags are case-sensitive.

Creating a Gamertag with Gamertag Generator
Now that you know how to change your gamertag, let's see what you can change it with.
A gamertag lets the other person form an impression about you and therefore it becomes important that it's nice and catchy. Using a gamertag generator is very simple. All you need to do is think of some keywords that resemble the type of name you would like to have and type them in the space provided. After that just click on generate, and you will find a list of many possible names that you could give to yourself. You can use the same name or make some slight changes to it as well.

Here are things you can keep in your mind before finalising a gamertag:
● Keep it short and catchy. Long Gamertags may not come off as very clever as less is always more.
● Try to make it personal to you. Add a hint of your real name to it, or anything that you like.
● Keep it smart and make sure that it will last for the years ahead.
● Try out a few names and pick the one that feels the best to you.

Don't beat your head over your gamertag. Use a gamertag generator now to get endless possibilities for your future gamertag!

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A gamertag lets the other person form an impression about you and therefore it becomes important that it's nice and catchy.