Dentistry is defined as the science behind the findings, avoidance, and treatment of teeth, gum, diseases that affect the mouth structures, replacement, and repair of defective teeth. Dental care is one of the procedures that most people dread due to the fear associated with various procedures that are known to make them feel uncomfortable. We at URBN Dental are famous for being the best dental bridge specialist in Houston, Texas and the adjacent areas. We offer our customers stress-free dental services that make them not shy away from visiting us over and over again. A dental bridge involves bridging a gap that is created by one or several missing teeth. Dental bridges are known to be the sturdiest, reliable and comfortable choices for replacing missing natural teeth. A dental bridge specialist can recommend various types of dental bridges if you have decayed or missing teeth. At dentist 77027, we are the dental clinic all over Houston, TX that is famous for carrying out dental bridging with ease.

The finest dental bridging services are offered at dentist 77027. Once you book yourself at our famous clinic, you will be assigned a dental bridge specialist whose work is to analyze and evaluate the status of your existing teeth, oral hygiene status, as well as esthetic requirements. This analysis enables the dental bridge specialist to choose the best dental bridge for replacing your missing teeth. We offer traditional bridges, which are the most commonly and widely used fixed prostheses for replacing missing teeth. The traditional bridges work like normal architectural bridges by getting their strength from existing natural teeth or implants on either side of the gap being bridged. At dentist 77027, we make use of pontics made from alloys, porcelain, or alloys fused with porcelain. The reason why our dental bridge specialist recommends conventional bridges is due to their durability as compared to other types of bridges. In general, dental bridges can be used by persons who are looking at replacing one or more neighboring teeth. At dentist 77027, we recommend dental bridges on several situations such as single tooth replacement where our dental bridge specialist makes use of natural teeth or dental implants on both sides to gain support.

We carry out multiple teeth replacement where we make use of dental bridges to replace up to four or more adjacent missing teeth. At URBN Dental, we make use of dental bridges as an improvement to removable dentures. Our dental bridge specialist will do this in case you are not happy with the fit or esthetics of your removable dentures. Visit dentist 77027 for a full mouth rehabilitation where we offer you a complete fixed dental or implant supported bridge to replace all teeth on a jaw. Our well trained and experienced dental bridge specialist treats with a lot of care, ensuring that you feel as comfortable with the dental bridge services offered as possible. Our rates are quite low and affordable for anyone in Houston wishing to have a dental bridge teeth replacement service. Why should you continue letting your dental health agonize? Visit dentist 77027 clinic today and experience the best dental bridge services ever!

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