Mobile has become a new trend these days. People can live without eating food for some time, but cannot survive without using their cell phones for an hour. App developers had become a valuable asset for the business owners and web app development companies. Fortunately, there are more than 2.3 million app developers around the globe and hiring one isn’t that hard these days. However, the problem is to find the developer who best suits your needs or who can be fitted in your business for smooth operations and development. The entire process needs precision so there are a few steps which you can follow to hire an App developer. So, in this topic we would discuss the ideas to find the best fit for your business.

1. Look for experience instead fresher: - When you are looking to hire web developer or mobile app developer then you should always consider looking a professional instead of a novice. You should look for some professional who can take things on its own and is better in performance and give your product a new look or a makeover. You should definitely ask him questions that if he had worked before on a similar domain or not? Before employing or hiring you should be through about the previous experience which one has gained. If the developer is new then it is suggested you to take the leap of faith. Remember that old is gold and new is silver.

2. Nothing is easy in life, even Santa has clauses; Get the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed: It is important to choose a person whom you can lay your trust and have a long-term business relationship. Get an NDA signed with that professional earlier than share your any thought or idea. So, one may not break your trust or discuss it with someone else. You can find an NDA template on Google or your Lawyer can prepare it for you. It would be best if you made it prepared by the lawyer, so nothing is left out and everything is covered.

NDA terms are: -
1. Not to Share Your Code
2. Not to Reuse your code
3. Can’t do work on the same domain or an idea for at least 2 years
4. Can’t work with your rival or competitor
5. Company or app developer would not be allowed to start using your idea or its piece to form their own company or be a part of

3. Customer is Right and don’t look for cheap: All the companies have some money allocated for their development budget, and it should be the guideline for every company to work in the allocated budget. It should be kept in mind that you should never get attracted by the cheap price as it can be disastrous for overall development. The quality of the product should alone be deciding factor to whom you hire for your respective work. Seldom it's seen that the cheapest option might not give you what you want and turn your money into waste, they could become more expensive in the long run. The extra cost comes if the application function doesn’t work according to you and you have to make few changes in it. And then you have to pay the other developer to correct those mistakes or make a new one.

4. Referring to Portfolio: There are too many talented app developers out there, but their style would be different from each other or what you want for your respective app. It would be recommended that you ask for portfolios from the professionals before handing the job to them. The client should go through the samples and checkout the type of user interfaces it has and their expertise in various fields. The portfolio can always assist you to determine who will suit your actual need.

5. Writing understandable code: It is always better to do background checking before handling your job to the developer. You can even ask the developer to hand the information regarding the previous or past clients to you. Then, you can contact the clients and get their feedback on the quality of the work done by that respective developer. Talking to the old customers let you know the mindset and skill of the developer. Apart from that, you can know capabilities.

6. Developers Reliability: Functioning of any app is the critical aspect; business should prefer the easiest interface as it’s the one thing that attracts traffic. It is essential for an app to be easy to use and serve its purpose. The Client should express his objects and views clearly and it’s the obligation of the designer to present it in an interactive and easy to use way. It is recommended that you hire a company which provides whole App development package instead of just coding services by individual developers.

7. Multitasking improves productivity, however slows delivery: Some of the App Developers are very talented in the work they do. But there can be many Apps on which they are currently working on so might not be able to deliver the work on time. There is a possibility that they don’t have time in the future for the app maintenance such as updating and tweaking, etc. So, it is strongly suggested that before employing or hiring, you should have a serious conversation with the developer telling him about your expectations and whether he could fulfil them or not. Ask them their work timings and how many projects are they working on currently. Provide them with your time frames and deadlines and do confirm from them whether they would be able to deliver it on time. It is not necessary that they give you the precise time for project completion, but estimates and approx are necessary.

It is an easy thing to find a developer or hire one for working on different domains. It is essential that you have a clear vision what you exactly want from them so they can make your expectation come true.

Author's Bio: 

Manish Shrimal is CEO & Founder at LogicSpice Consultancy Pvt. Ltd - Mobile & Web development Company, having Industry experience of more than 12 Years. Experienced in dealing with global customers for their diversified requirements of Customized Web Application Development, Mobile Apps Development and Digital Marketing.