These are the old churches that were built by the first settlers and were built and painted what would be the Ascension Catholic Church in Moravia. This is my favorite because every time I was in my grandparents and, especially at Easter and Christmas, which is where they went to church the ceiling is painted with murals and walls. The best way is to take 957 southwest of Schulenburg

Just a short journey on the road to take FM 532 FM 1295 Moravia. To get to the parish of Santa Maria in Prague. This is one of the most elaborate of the painted churches of Texas. Prague is like a ghost town, but the church is definitely worth the visit. A good time to visit on 15 August. This is the feast of the Assumption and the classes have a church bazaar. The food and fun are great and gives you the opportunity to visit the church. The ceilings are painted, and there are plenty of ornate wood.

Another prominent painted churches in the community of Hill, just northwest of Schulenburg. This church is absolutely beautiful. I had trouble finding it open, but usually Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were the good times. One can always attend Mass in any of these churches in the whole experience. High mountain northwest of Schulenburg in 2672

You will find other painted churches in small towns in the area. Two other notable are St. Cyril and Methodius in Dubina anway remember the churches in their home country if Germany or Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic). These churches are definitely worth the drive. ]

Saturday is the best day of the week to make the record because it is the day most of them have the doors open. They have to block most of the time due to vandalism and prevent them. I can not imagine that would destroy these works of art, however, has happened.

I'll start with my favorite painting in San Juan Bautista. d Ammansville.

There are several others in the area, including Shiner and Serbin. You might even find some that are not advertised anywhere. That would be a good place to get lost and see what can be found in these small towns.

For more information contact the Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce, and some of the local restaurants. They can be a lot of information like most people working in these restaurants are members of some very old churches.

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