Find a Solution to Other People's Problems

I believe that everyone has at least one million dollar idea in them, if they can but find it. Everyone has the ‘tools’, you just have to know how to use them. First of all, you have to look for a problem that has yet to be solved and then ask yourself how you would find a solution. It could very well be a problem that you have experienced personally or one that is causing grief to a family member or a friend. The more people who can relate to the problem, the more profitable it could be. Also, the bigger and more complicated the problem is, the more potential it will have.

Having found a suitable problem, you need to think about the best way to find a solution. You don't necessarily have to brainstorm it; just keep it in mind and the solution may suddenly come to you. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than finding a problem and its solution. First of all, you must also be convinced that this can happen. If you don’t believe something, it will never happen and you are just setting yourself up to fail.

Here are a few suggestions to help you to discover some cash producing problems and to find solutions:

1. Become adept at solving your own problems before you try to solve other people’s.
2. If something sets you off moaning or blaming it, stop and think about ways to remove the cause.
3. Ask other people about their problems. Become a good listener and people will tell you things that will give you problem solving ideas that could make you wealthy.
4. Always be on the lookout for problems associated with certain groups of people or specific markets.
5. Constantly be on the look out for anything that could be improved or designed better.
6. Always be positive and believe that there is a way to find a solution. Concentrate on how you can make it work rather than just accepting that it won’t work.

Use these suggestions to start building up your problem solving skills. As you build them up, you will be able to focus more and more energy on the process and this will enable you eventually to find the solution. The process is gradual and cumulative and even solving little problems is all part of the process which will lead on to bigger and better opportunities. It is not even necessary that finding a solution will lead to a money-making opportunity; any solution finding is good practice. With practice comes the confidence to take on tougher problems, to solve them, and to find that niche market which becomes a real money-spinner.

Especially look out for problems which are common to many people and don't be afraid to follow your instincts. Most successful inventions came about as a result of someone solving what was a problem for a great many people and providing a service or a product to satisfy their needs. It may even be the simplest of problems or a need which was not particularly evident to anyone; they may not even have realised that they needed it until they became aware of its existence. How often have you seen a completely new product and thought that it could prove very useful?

Whilst many problems require you to find solutions which might then result in an invention and a product with great commercial prospects: many others cannot be satisfied by a physical product as people who are suffering from them simply require an answer or a way to deal with it. So the solution could be in the form of information, which is where writing articles, newsletters and ebooks comes into play. In some ways, this can be an easier option as you are more in control of production and, once created, the unit cost is negligible. This is just another way of providing a solution to a problem.

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