When it comes to adding warmth to the house, hosting a BBQ party or creating an open fire for camping, kiln dried logs are the best options. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be the best wood fuel that money can buy because it performs better than all other logs available in the market. Kiln dried firewood gives out a warming glow, an aroma of natural log fire and a crackling sound. It is perfect for use at the fireplace in the house for a romantic ambience, for outdoor parties and other recreation purposes.

The reason why kiln dried firewood is preferred over all others is given below.

# Efficient heat output

The logs that are kiln dried have a very low moisture content of about 20% or less. This means that a greater heat output can be achieved by using only a few logs. As there is less amount of excess moisture to burn off, the logs are able to quickly reach a high and desired temperature. To achieve the same amount of heat from other types of logs, you might have to burn 3 times the amount of logs.

# Light up quickly

The logs that are kiln dried are able to ignite quickly and without any delay. This is what makes them a perfect choice for fireplaces, chimneys, firepits and wood burning stoves. Adventure enthusiasts, with a zeal for camping and trekking, also prefer to use these logs over others. There is less hard-work required to light the logs and as mentioned before, the logs reach the desired heat in minutes. So, the next time you wonder why the logs are not burning quickly or producing the heat you want, it is probably because you are using an inferior quality firewood with a high moisture content.

# Kiln dried logs burn for a longer time-period

Kiln dried logs burn for a really long time and is known to last 3 times longer than unseasoned logs. This can again be attributed to its less moisture content. Since less energy is needed to burn off the residual moisture, the energy is quickly converted into heat. These logs burn slowly; and thereby, are able to provide light and heat for an extended period of time. This is one of the reasons why campers particularly prefer these logs. Once its lit, the campers can sleep in peace knowing that the embers will keep them warm till morning.

# Easy to store

Unlike other types of firewood, kiln dried wood is lightweight and can be easily carried. So, if you want to stock up ahead of winter or for a special occasion, you are not going to face any hassle. Also, these logs are cleaner and will not make you think twice before storing it inside your home.

# Money's worth

A lot of people opt for cheap firewood to save a few bucks and actually end up spending more. This is because cheaper logs contain an exceptionally high moisture content. Such logs take longer to ignite, create soot and do not burn for a very long time. Also, it takes a lot of time to produce the desired amount of heat.

On the other hand, kiln dried firewood offers you with complete value for your money. They burn with a clean flame and do not sizzle or spit. It is one of the safest firewood to be used inside the home and for open fires. The versatility of the application of these logs is also another reason why they are such a preferred choice. They are suitable for multi-fuel stoves, BBQ, fireplaces, chimneys, pizza oven, outdoor camping and other such activities. It may seem pricey at first, but in the long-term, you will actually be saving a lot.

The most seasoned and unseasoned logs in the market have over 25% moisture content. They neither produce the desired heat output, nor are they safe for use. There is a possibility that these logs will cause damage to your stove or wherever you use it. To keep such troubles at bay, get kiln dried logs at the best prices.

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