Opening Kind

1. White Crane Spreads Wings

2. Brush Knee and Twist Action Left

three. Single Whip Left

four. Strum the Lute Left

five. Pull and Push 3 times

six. Deflect Parry and Punch Left

7. Grasp the Birds Tail Left

eight. Lean Together with the Trunk

9. Fist Below Elbow

ten. Phase back and Roll Arms Three times

11. Turn and Push together with the Palms

12. Strum the Lute Right

thirteen. Brush Knee and Punch Down

14. White Snake Flicks out Tongue

fifteen. Slap Instep and tame the Tiger

sixteen. Throw Fist Diagonally Aside Left

17. Fists Penetrate and Descend

eighteen. Stand on Single Left and Prop Palm Up

19. Single Whip Right

20. Wave Hands Like Clouds Right

21. Component the Wild Horses Mane Proper and Left

22. Large Pat on Horse

23. Kick with Correct Heel

24. Strike Ears with Fists

twenty five. Kick With Left Heel

26. Cover Hand and Wield Fist

27. Insert Needle to Sea Bottom

28. Flash the Back

29. Separate Foot Proper and Left

30. Brush knee and Twist Stage

31. Step Forward catch and Strike

32. Obvious Closeup

33. Wave Hands Like Clouds Left

34. Throw Fist Diagonally Aside Appropriate

35. Work At Shuttles

36. Stage Back and Stretch Palm

37. Press Palms in Empty Phase

38. Stand on Single Leg and Hold Palm Up

39. Shove with Forearm in Horse Riding Action

forty. Flip Round and Pull To Complete Extent

41. Strike With Palm and Descend

42. Action Ahead and Cross Fist

43. Stand On Single Leg and Mount the Tiger

44. Turn Round and Swing Lotus

45. Bend Bow To Shoot Tiger

46. Deflect Parry and Punch Appropriate

47. Grasp Birds Tail Appropriate

48. Cross Fingers

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