A smile on a person's face is more than just signifying joy or "glad-to-meet-you" mode. As much as it is commonly used in body language, it can also be the most misunderstood and can even be misleading.

For example, when you look at that new face or say, a stranger smiling at you across the crowded hall, what does it tell you? Is she just being friendly or is that beautiful stranger try to attract or flirt with you? Hmmm...confusing yet?

But first, the most important thing to consider is, is it even a genuine smile or only a forced one?

Why do people have to use the forced smile? Well, a it is normally donned to show politeness or courtesy (forced courtesy, if you may) and cheerfulness to make a good (usually first) impression on others. And not only that--they can be useful too--from salespersons courting you to make a sale and politicians trying to win your vote, I'd say, why not?

Don't be misled again! You'll notice that it's only a forced smile if the half top of a person's face remains unmoved, since they just use the muscles around the lips.

However, if it's genuine, you'll notice the difference if virtually the whole face literally "lights up"; there's more muscles involved in the genuine smile. One very telling indication that it's a genuine if "crows feet" (the small lines created at the sides of the eyes) are formed since it's uncontrollable muscles coinciding with real feelings.

So, the next time someone is smiling at you, be wary. It may be that they're only pretending to be friendly or polite or having their own intentions. Otherwise, you can practice on your genuine smile to make yourself more approachable and friendlier.

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When it comes to communication and body language, there's more to it than meets the eye--for the most effective language, sometimes, are the ones left unspoken but can only be implied.

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