The reason why anyone should have their HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA is that it is the third largest city in Spain. It is perfectly situated half way down the east coast. One of the most eminent cities on the Mediterranean and known as an ideal cultural holiday destination with an appealing climate, the city is also known as the Flower city.

The river Turia which at one time ran through the centre was diverted, leaving behind a rich fertile river bed that was turned into a garden for the residents to enjoy. It now is a small park with beautiful flowers, a regal garden centre and a few play areas thrown in for the children. Gulliver’s Travels has been one of the most popular where rides are made up using the giant’s hair and clothing as slides and swings.

Now though at the end of the river there is the City of Art and Sciences: a beautiful setting of modern buildings at the river’s mouth where once it joined the Mediterranean Sea. There stand various buildings with a walkway between them where anyone can learn more about the arts in a huge hall dedicated to all from painting to dance. Study human anatomy as one of the many displays in the science museum, take in a three dimensional film in the IMAX cinema or enjoy the fish in one of the largest aquariums in Europe.

The regional capital is famous for an incredible amount of historical and cultural heritage. The Silk Exchange in the old city centre is filled with so many examples of old buildings although the walls that were built hundreds of years no longer exist, except for a tiny portion underground beneath the town hall. Two of the original gates still stand and have been established as monuments of the city.

Valencia is also renowned for the Fallas festival held each summer. The festival is one of the most captivating sights especially for tourists on their first visit to Spain. This spectacular sight has fireworks, large bonfires and huge statues that are carried through the town until they reach the beach, when they are set alight in grand bonfires. The Costa Blanca is another fine reason for having your HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA: a long winding coastline that stretches over an area of 100 kilometres. This includes spectacular white sandy beaches and the reason why the region was so named.

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