Freediving which is also known as skin diving or breath-hold diving is underwater diving in which the diver doesn't use breathing aids. The diver holds his breath till he reappears on the surface (resurfacing). The breathing apparatus, or scuba gear, is not used in this type of diving. People opt for freediving for different activities, for example, spearfishing is one of the examples of activities of freediving. Freedivers dive and search for life underwater. They collect different plants and animals and familiarize with the underwater world and natural life in it.

Many people love freediving and consider it as an adventure, but it is not possible to learn freediving without the help of a qualified instructor. So if you are living in Malta, you might be in search of freediving in Malta . Web directorieshave some of the best qualified freediving instructors in Malta.

Best freediving courses in Malta

If you are living in Malta, you are lucky to have the best freediving course "AIDA 2" available. It has the best instructors who teach you freediving from basic to a higher level. The course is the foundation of your freediving skills. You will learn the techniques and rules of freediving in the course offered by AIDA 2.
The specialties of this Freediving Malta course include:

• Competition Safety Freediver
• Monofin Freediver
• Competition Freediving judge
• Competition Freediver

The features of the course

This course is divided into parts and sessions including:
• Theory
• Open water session
• Pool Session

Further, the course is divided into:
• Two sessions of theory
• One session for breathing and relaxation
• Two confined water sessions in the swimming pool
• Three sessions in open water
• One exam at the end

If you have learned everything in the course, you can take the exam easily.

What is included in the price?

The course package is very reasonable and includes some other things at the listed price. These things are included in the listed price:
• Complete material of the course
• Equipment for freediving
• AIDA certification


If you are interested in Freediving and want to receive a certification, you must meet some requirements to graduate from the AIDA 2 freediving course. The requirements to get a certificate include:
• 16m in constant weight (finning down)
• 2Min in static apnea
• 40 min in dynamic apnea (finning under the water in a pool)
If you meet these requirements, you can get the AIDA 2 certification for freediving and pursue your education.

How to join the course

Freediving Malta is easy to join. Just visit the website of AIDA 2 and check the upper left corner. You can add your location and find an instructor nearby. Select the instructor and join the course. AIDA 2 is one of the best and safest free diving course in the world. Most trustable instructors are available through AIDA and you can learn freediving without any fear. Learn freediving today and explore the life underwater if you love nature.

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