Though affordable florida health insurance is a necessity that many Floridians are but, unfortunately unable to obtain. The number of self-employed individuals is increasing rapidly. Job shortages and corporate changes are forcing many people to start their own businesses. These self-employed individuals are forced to find benefits on their own.
Various business owners are looking for affordable Florida health insurance. Providing coverage to employees is always expensive but especially costly if you are a small business owner. Discounts on coverage are minimal when you own a small business. Large corporations receive ample disounts based on the ability to spread the risk over a greater number of people.
Owning your own business offers you the opportunity to control your own destiny. With the freedom and flexibility to create your financial future comes the responsibility of providing your own health insurance coverage. As an employee of a company insurance benefits are often taken for granted as the employee only pays a portion of the cost. The employer picks up the other percentage of the expense. With self-employed individuals, the entire cost is carried on their shoulders.
Some affordable Florida self-employed health insurance companies will arrange for small business owners to pay the premium of the employees with one payment. The total amount of the insurance is taken out of the employee's salary. This is not a group plan and does not come with group discount benefits. It only makes it easier on the employees to have the premium deducted from their salaries instead of making individual payments. This option in Florida is called list bill, the employer will take the take exemption, while still being able to offer his employees with necessary coverage.
There are many different types of individuals benefiting from affordable Florida self employed health insurance including counselors, architects, and physical therapists. Freelance workers and consultants make up a large portion of the self-employed sector. These individuals are usually in some kind of creative business such as writing, photography, designing, and translating.
With over 11% of the people without insurance, affordable Florida health insurance is in dire need. There are many types of policies to consider. Before subscribing to a plan, do some comparison of benefits, exclusions/limitations, and inclusions of the policies. Self-employed health insurance is a completely different ball game in comparison to group health insurance. With a group policy, you have the safeguard that once you are on a group plan, you must be accepted by another group plan if you change jobs. Group health insurance is also guaranteed issue. In other words, no matter what pre-existing conditions you have, acceptance is guaranteed.
Self-employed individuals are issued private or individual policies. These polices are subject to individual underwriting. Underwriting can result in denial of coverage, pre-existing condition exclusions for a longer period than group coverage, and/or rate increases. The results of the underwriting process often determine whether or not a self-employed individual can afford or even obtain health insurance. Sad to say but declinations happen every day and these self-employed individuals have to go without health insurance.
In searching for affordable Florida health insurance, make sure you are comparing policies that offer the same coverage. One important item to consider is the option to choose any doctor or hospital. Some plans only pay full benefit if you use a provider on their lists. Premiums may be considerably different from a PPO plan or a policy that allows you to choose any healthcare provider. Find a company that offers various carriers. Comparing different health insurance carriers in the marketplace with ensure that you find the most affordable plan that has the most comprehensive benefits.

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