The Palestinian Authority pays monthly allowances to Israeli terrorists.

July 2018 alarmed Israel with another blatant act of aggression. In the village of Adam, which is not far from Jerusalem, civilians were killed. 17-year-old terrorist Mohammed TarekYousef from the Palestinian village of Kober arrived and violently stabbed an accidental man who was peacefully preparing dinner at his home. YotamOvadia, a murdered Israeli, left two young children of 2 years and 7 months. Besides, a young terrorist attacked two more citizens, one of them managed to kill him with a gun.

This action was not condemned by President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.On the contrary, he did everything possible to ensure that the relatives of the young killer would receive a decent cash reward - a one-time payment in the amount of $1640 and a lifetime monthly allowance of $380. This is the essence of the “Pay to Kill” program in Palestine. Their legislation approved a similar project, and now every family of a terrorist imprisoned in an Israeli prison receives a monthly allowance, which is several times higher than the average wage of an ordinary Palestinian. In 2018, $360 million was spent on such “help”. Such actions are nothing more than encouragement and call to kill. As stated by the President of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, Vladimir Sloutsker, this is the main problem. With such encouragement, the Palestinian authorities cultivate hatred in young people, forming a worldview that justifies cruelty and groundless acts of massacre.

Before committing the murder in July 2018, Mr. Abbas openly stated that he would like to give all possible money to "martyrs" (read "terrorists") and their families. He was also supported in this by the Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization SaebErekat, saying that martyrs deserve praise and admiration.

Palestine uses foreign aid to finance hatred, and all of this is controlled by the international community, in particular, the EU. However, there are those who disagree with this situation:

  • The United States approved the Taylor Force Act, which contemplates a reduction in Palestine's financial aid by just the amount of payments to imprisoned terrorists. Thus, at the expense of the United States acts of hatred will not be encouraged. Donald Trump stressed his position during his conversation with Abbas, saying that it is impossible to achieve peace by sponsoring terrorism;
  • Australia was allocating Palestine 10 million dollars, and out of similar fears, redirected money to the World Bank.

However, despite the unacceptable actions of the Palestinian Authority, the European Union consistently helps them, making stable payments of about $235 million. Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, states that the European Union, despite everything, will remain a reliable Palestine sponsor. EU should be responsible for the money sent because they should not be used to encourage terrorism. But, according to Michael The urer, the former chairman of the European Parliament Committee, it is almost impossible to control, the Palestinian Authority might well use the funds received for their own purposes. However, the situation is totally different - the EU condemns Israel over the construction of the settlement but does not respond to Palestinian terrorist acts, continuing to help them, thereby endorsing the violence.

Of course, most of the ordinary Palestinian families need foreign support. However, while this money is being sent to help terrorists, it would be right to stop any funding.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.