Thousands and thousands of Americans feel as though they were tricked into purchasing a timeshare. I'm sure you've heard how it works, consumers are contacted by timeshare companies offering them a stay at a fabulous hotel in return for the consumers attendance in a timeshare property presentation. It is at this presentation most consumers feel as if they were tricked, and in some cases even lied to, into purchasing their timeshare properties.

Now that the economy has taken a turn for the worse, Americans have been struggling to release themselves from the financial burden known as timeshares. However, as Americans look more into selling their timeshare property to receive compensation for all they money they have lost, they quickly find out that it is nearly impossible to sell your timeshares because nobody wants them.

Now, through the years of timeshare companies expanding, and more and more overwhelming levels of dissatisfaction throughout timeshare property owners. Thousands of tests were conducted, and it was concluded that many timeshare representatives had been using dishonest, and in some cases unlawful, approach to selling the timeshare properties. It was then that they decided to put in a set of 52 rules and guidelines that protect consumers from being victimized by timeshare companies.

Legislation passed put 52 rules to stop these timeshare property reps from using aggressive and forceful sales tactics to sell people something they don't or need. Unfortunately however, this hasn't stopped all timeshare representatives from using their old aggressive sales approach. So what can you do if your timeshare sales representative broke one or more of the rules set in place?

These rules were put in place so that if any had been broken during the sales of your timeshare property, it allows the consumer a way out of their timeshare property properties. When a sales representative breaks a rule such as; they may not keep you at the sales presentation for more than 90 minutes, not point out a cancellation period to the consumer, did they create a false sense of urgency telling a consumer they will never get the opportunity again, or even if they told the consumer that the timeshares would be an investment which could not be further from the truth.

So now that timeshare property sales are regulated, what can timeshare owners do if they have already purchased their timeshares? Well the best part about the new guidelines is that it gives the consumer the upper hand when dealing with the timeshare property resort to take back the contract. When you contact a timeshare cancellation professional it is extremely important that you be as honest and clear as possible. Once the timeshare property Cancellation Profession has analyzed your specific case they will go back to the timeshare property resort and let them know which laws their representative had broken, and in turn that nulls and voids the original contract signed at the sales presentation. The timeshare property resort owner knows what this means for them, and because of the legislation's passed they have no choice but to deed the timeshare property back to the resort.

If a consumer chooses a good timeshare property cancellation professional, there is a very good chance that they will be able to recover some of, and in some cases all of, the money invested into the timeshare property already.
However, that is not what you want to focus on most. people need to focus on the fact that they wont be obligated to paying they're mortgage or monthly maintenance fees. This will free up the consumer to be able to get their financial situation back on track, and that's what we all need in this economic downturn. Bellow are a few links I have posted to help you find a timeshare cancellation professional that will be able to help you.

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