We all wish that through an interventional from a higher power we are foretold of the misfortunes that are to plague us in the coming year. Everyone would love for a glimpse into their near future, warning them in case of an incorrect step and cheering them on for every correct life decision made. We may not be lucky enough for all resultant consequences of our decisions to be spelled out but our horoscopes do give us an insight to what our future has in store for us. So if you are wondering if this is your year for a capital budgeting decision or for an investment in the stock market, you have come to the right place.

2013 offers Aries with sound financial prospects. This is not the best of financial years for you but it definitely gives you leave for moderate investments. July will be highly yielding. However, exercise caution before investing.

Be prepared for a challenging and stimulating professional project this year. It is essential you put your talents to use productively and explore new experiences and opportunities. Take chances because even though the year will be tough, you will be financially stable.

The Gemini horoscope indicates towards significant changes. You are either likely to migrate abroad or have fluctuating finances due to a different project being undertaken. Stay alert in March and April as you will receive good luck during these months.

Patience is the key to get you through 2013. You are expected to have a dramatic turn of events after July. Be tolerant and accept this change rather than dismissing it. You will be doubtful and apprehensive on numerous occasions but have faith in yourself and your abilities. Remember, there is always a way.

The lions are in luck this year. Do not be afraid to make financial commitments during the year. Make daring financial decisions and make expensive purchases of long term assets. Soak in all the benefits of this lucrative year without hesitation.

Virgo horoscope points towards a year with new ventures. You will be financially stable as well as will be provided with avenues for improvement. This is a highly conducive environment for a new project hence does not second guess yourself.

The beginning of the year will see little movement and no changes. However, as the year progresses you will find it to be financially favourable. You are expected to benefit through strangers and foreigners. This is the year to grow and mature professionally.

This just isn’t your year. Prepare yourself for the worst. You will have financial setbacks and will find it hard to meet commitments. The first half of the year will be particularly difficult. Don’t be disheartened, be prudent and hope for a better next year.

Even though you are advised to not take life altering decisions during this year, you will have an excellent financial year. Do not take unnecessary risks and plan your decisions. These will unfold to bring you great success and gains.

2013 is all about laying the foundation for your future. You will not gain monetarily but will definitely enhance your self-confidence and faith in yourself. You will be entrusted with responsibilities which will help you to exploit your potential.

Focus and determination will see you through this year. You will face complex situations and challenging problems. The trick is to not get flustered or overwhelmed. Take it in your stride and work extra hard towards your goals.

You will be financially stable throughout the year but will not make any surplus. Therefore, it is essential to be disciplined and motivated. Ensure you are consistent with your work and that itself should help you tremendously.

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