Being rich is something that a lot of people dream of. They see all the cool toys that rich people own, the exotic trips they go on, and the 'carefree' lifestyle they lead, so it's no wonder that people desire more money. Yes, it seems that these people have it all - but you are looking at it their lives through rose-colored glasses.

People who are financially free have done the necessary work to get there, and they have to continually work to stay at the top. This is something that everyone who has become rich goes through, and if you want that life, you have to be willing to go through it yourself.

But financial freedom can mean something else other than just being rich. It can also mean having enough money to live the way you want - on your own terms. This is what we really want - FREEDOM. Tired of working a job? Fed up that you never get to travel anywhere? Your financial freedom means that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and not be restricted to living your life around someone else's schedule.

So how does one become financially free?

1. Determine how much you want
Skipping over this step will solidify a life of mediocre financial return for you. You must have a fixed number of how much money you wish to earn. Decide on a figure that you want - let's say, $5000/month. Now, add in your expenses. The final number will be your financial goal you need to hit.

2. Start to think positively about money
Thinking about money brings up a lot of negative connotations, and the more you think negatively about money, the farther away it will get from you. It is extremely rare to see a wealthy person that believes, deep down, that wanting money is bad. Broke people all have this problem - they believe they are a bad person, or too greedy if they desire money. If this is you, banish this thought immediately, because if you want freedom, you need to understand that money plays a huge role.

3. Think of ways to earn money
There are tons of avenues to explore and ventures you can enter into to see your bank account skyrocket, but there are truly only 2 ways to earn money. The first, is money at work, and the second is people at work. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, I would highly encourage you to purchase a book on generating wealth - they are jam-packed with ideas that can stimulate your mind and get yourself moving in the right direction.

Another thing you can do to help your progress is to just observe how people have built a financially free life. How do they earn money? How do they spend their money? There are lots of clues left behind. If you can find a mentor to teach you how they designed their lifestyle, you can use that knowledge as a blueprint for your own life. Just remember, no two people succeed in exactly the same way, so you will have to bring your own unique vision to change your financial state.

It takes time, guts, and goals, but always remember, it is achievable.

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Michael Brion is recognized as a leading expert in the area of self help and personal development. Helping people all around the world live successful and enriched lives, Michael teaches you how to change your life and achieve your dreams with his latest program, Your Great Power.