Numerology is number symbolism. Numbers designate quantity, and they can also symbolize qualities, incredibly, in relation to personal money matters.

We understand if you’re unconvinced. The ancient science of numerology (i.e., number mysticism) has been adulterated in modern times. We don’t believe in the numerology you’ve been exposed to either. Nobody is a single number—anybody who thinks they are "a 3," for example, has been misled.

Just as you have multiple body parts and facets of your physical, mental, and emotional self, you’re represented by multitudes of individual numerology factors (using the full date of birth, location and time of birth, and full legal birth name), which form patterns. The distinct patterns represent your character and personal fate.

You may be familiar with the modern numerology term “Life Path,” which is the sum of the month, day, and year of birth. All four of those numbers have symbolic meaning, and they combine with the other 500+ factors forming the tapestry of your unique predetermination.

While it would be like trying to teach you a foreign language in the space of this column to fully explain the workings of the science of numerology, you can still learn about the attributes of various numbers to get started. Please note: fadic addition in numerology dictates adding the numbers to yield a single number. For example, 578 = 5+7+8=20, 2+0=2. Ultimately, all numbers reduce to one of the root numbers, 1-9.

Below we outline select financial qualities of the root numbers 1-9, along with some others.

1. While 1 is a good money vibration, in terms of timing, it’s not so hot if it follows 8, for example, and worse if the 1 is a 19/1. 19/1 usually speaks of balancing negative karma in most timing positions. But 10, after 3, for example, can be exceedingly fruitful. 10 is generally a very rewarding number in terms of karma.

2. 2 isn’t a healthy financial vibration, unless it comes after more rewarding timing, and the 2 isn’t combined with money loss numbers, such as 7 and 9. 20 can be a fine financial number, as can any of the Master Numbers (11, 29, 38, etc.) that reduce to 2, particularly 38. 2 is a follower, not a leader, yet a surprising amount of financial abundance is linked to the 2, especially if the subject’s collective energy includes healthy 3, 6, and 9 energy.

3. Foundation-laying numbers such as 1 and 4 before the 3 yields expansion of prosperity under the 3. The squandering of funds occurs if the 3 is preceded by trivial number vibrations, such as more 3, and 5, and particularly if there is hardship collective timing (19/1 and 13/4) after the 3. Note—collective hardship timing can also be under other numbers, but strong 19/1 and 13/4 are common.

4. Stability is the operative word for finances under the 4—boring, but stable, unless it’s 22, which is worldly and enormous in scope. Starting pecuniary matters under heavy, long-term 4 usually yields the maintaining of the funds, without dramatic growth, unless the subject’s collective birth patterns indicate an upward correction. Strong fun and carefree energy (e.g., 3 and 5) prior to 4 is a warning sign to avoid wasting resources that will be needed later.

5. One of the most adventurous and progressive numbers, 5, can yield dynamic gains and prosperity if the subject has his or her feet on the ground and avoids excessive risk. His versatility and knack for being in the right place at the right time, along with friends in high places, help make him a fortune. Otherwise, 5 can be the irresponsible speculator (14/5) who makes the wrong bet, or the gambler who bets the family farm yielding massive misfortune (to be later incarnated with heavy 13/4, for instance). Worse, the 5 (with strong 9 and 2, for example) is the professional thief, also to be later incarnated with heavy 13/4, but with other numbers forming horrendous patterns symbolizing he or she will be ripped off (or will be making amends, sometimes grudgingly, sometimes willingly) in that life until he or she balances the negative karma. Note: a 13/4 or 14/5 day of birth, for example, isn't enough in itself to symbolize the above negative circumstances. There is no "this (one single indicator) equals that (a specific personality trait or life circumstance)" in the forms of comprehensive numerology and astrology that we utilize. As always, multiple factors form patterns, which symbolize character traits and life conditions.

6. 6 is one of the most desirable financial timing (and natal) vibrations, especially if following 1, 3, or 5, for example. Long-term multiple 6’s make for a very fine life with all needs taken care of, and then some. Steady growth and security are key words linked to 6. The problem with the 6 is that it can also relate to strong karmic payback, such as being paired with 13/4 or 16/7.

7. Due to it being such a strong spiritual, non-mundane, and other-dimensional number, 7 isn’t noted for prosperity. In fact, it frequently symbolizes the opposite—hardship and lack of affluence. However, 7 is also known for sudden reversals (16/7). It’s common for subjects with lots of 7, particularly those involved with self-mastery practices (e.g., meditation, strict discipline, etc.), combined with right action, to become extremely rich if his or her natal patterns support it. The exact source of 7’s wealth is frequently a mystery. Many a successful gangster has 7 (and 9 and 22) in abundance, symbolizing mind-reading skills, paranoia, and trusting nobody.

8. Combined with a lot of 9, 8 yields great pecuniary success. But following 9, 8 can spell disaster. 8 is frequently a talented investor, a mover and a shaker, especially if combined with 5 and 22. Heavy 8 timing early in life frequently equates to abuse of power or squandering opportunities, being too young to take advantage of the favorable circumstances. Strong 8 timing later in life equates to the subject working late into retirement years, and perhaps not retiring at all.

9. Big money in, and big money out, sums it up for the 9. Those with a lot of 9 and 8 natal and timing tend to make headlines as power brokers and influencers. Following 6 or 3, for example, strong 9 timing yields big money gains, but preceding strong 19/1 or 16/7, for example, tends to correspond to hefty losses. Potent, collective 9 (with an absence of 19/1 and13/4, among other vibrations) later in life makes for a wonderful retirement.

Just as with learning any language, it takes years of regular practice to become proficient with number mysticism. It’s a fascinating way to grasp the notion of personal timing and predetermination, especially in regards to finances.

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