On February 11th, 2011 we entered the final stage of the Mayan Calendar and the acceleration of time as we know it. Every 20 days we will experience an incremental 'bump up' in vibration that pushes our denser energy to adjust and change. In the same manner that pressure applied to a solid structure will eventually break apart, the increasing vibration is shattering long locked world systems, regimes, institutions, and established paradigms. Not only is this occurring in our outer lives, but also within our personal bio-energetic systems.

As the vibration increases in and around us we are presented with a choice point on how we handle the pressure. Can we alter our own density of matter and keep up with the acceleration? Or do we allow the increasing pressure to dominate and destroy our equilibrium? Will we break apart into mental, emotional and physical disease or will we choose to collapse what is old, rigid and dying to birth ourselves anew?

These are some of the questions we need to ponder as we prepare for the next jump in frequency on March 3rd and beyond. How do we optimize this powerful window of time called The Quickening? We are in the midst of a planetary ascension into 5th Dimensional activation...which is correlated with our 5th Throat Chakra and issues of expression, communication, speaking our truth. Turn on the news and you will see world-wide examples of 5th Dimensional protestations of oppression, demands for basic human rights, defending democracy, and the passionate cry for human dignity and respect.

The increasing energies are awakening the human heart alive with a compelling impulse to express loudly for all to hear! The final stage of the Mayan Calendar activates Unity Consciousness into the planetary collective field - which weaves our hearts, our voice and our minds into union. We are becoming whole again and our voices can now be heard, our actions can bear fruit, our visions can now manifest.

As the chains of oppression are breaking apart under the pressure of The Quickening, we see that our future now holds new possibilities. For it is the continual increasing frequencies that open and stretch the space-time continuum so that we can access the pulse of creation and alter the course of our future. Within the Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy lies a powerful vortex, a black hole that pulses in singularity - the contraction and expansion is the eternal heartbeat of life between matter and anti-matter.

Scientists now understand that the frequency rate between each pulse of light that manifests as physical matter creates the measurement which we call TIME. The pause between one flash frame and the next represents a pulse of anti-matter. In a spinning vortex of energy we can mimic the black hole of our Galactic Core and enter the potential space of the anti-matter field, outside of the common constraints of time. The increasing frequencies of The Quickening provide the impetus to not only voice our truth, but to change our current condition and create a new future that mirrors truth.

We are at the apex of 5th Dimensional reality and our world view is changing and altering at an accelerated rate. The increasing vibration provides access into the pulse of anti-matter where we can alter the course of our future paradigm. For in the vast field of non-physical space lies all potential possibilities, all timelines - like flashing mirrors of holographic realities. Our minds can only grasp possible futures that match our frequency rate in the pulse of time. If we are extremely dense with a slow vibrational pulse, then time locks us out of multiple future outcomes. This is why it is so important to continue to increase our energy vibration so that we can elevate up to a much higher octave range of potential future realities.

We are witnessing this phenomena occur in the protestors around the world. As their 4th Dimensional heart chakras and 5th Dimensional throat chakras are being flooded with increasing frequencies of light, they are vibrating in a higher resonance. Everything that forms in the physical world is affected by the harmonic interactions of light, gravity, mass, and the electrical-magnetic forces. Physical matter is basically held together by a complex matrix of energy wave-forms pulsing at a certain harmonic resonance. The denser magnetic fields create the time lag between thought and feeling manifesting in space-time.

Due to The Quickening we are experiencing an exponential jolt of higher light harmonics that blur the membranes of time so that Unity Consciousness can stream into the collective mind. When spinning in the Vortex system we invoke the Universal Harmonics of phi... the frequency of divine order, balance and proportion. This enables our ability to reinstate coherence where there once was polarized separation inside our bio-energetic field. We can apply this transformational technique to our personal energy field and also to the planetary collective energy field.
Since the initial activation of the Mayan Universal Underworld on Feb. 11th, 2011 we have been swept up in an onslaught of public protests and collapsing regimes that are breaking apart. The planetary energy has been intense, chaotic and challenging for many us. We were facing certain devastation if we did not unite and direct the collapsing energy into a new potential future outcome. For those of us who live in universal space-time, the course of humanity was almost unbearable to feel.

It was last year that I began to pick up this blip on the radar of devastating collapse between mid-February to mid- March 2011. I could barely tune into the energy...it was so painful to empath. This period of time marked the start of our physical Ascension, and the choice point for humanity to rise up to 5th Dimensional action or not! The 144,000 avatar souls who are here on the planet for this momentous occasion were already enduring the collapsing systems in their personal lives before 2011 so that they would be prepared for this Ascension activation.

We are working 24/7 in the Pulse of Creation to collapse incongruent energies from the planetary field and expand into life a new world paradigm of Unity Consciousness. We are supporting and assisting humanity's transition into 5th Dimensional 'heart-based' truth and action. While spinning in Vortex energy we are picking up incoming discordant energy around the world, communicating the pending potential results, and then collectively altering the worst-case scenarios.

Don't get me wrong...the old, corrupted systems will continue to collapse under the pressure of the increasing frequencies. But we can soften the blow, minimize the devastation, and neutralize the polarized forces in that pregnant pause of expanding time - in the pulse of creation. Last weekend we faced that very situation and held the choice point in the pause...

I invite you to join me in our universal vortex of creation and flex your 5th Dimensional muscles to take action on behalf of humanity's future. We have the power to transform our world into a vision of beauty, grace, peace and loving kindness. Our time has come!

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