There used to be a time when things like heart disease and high cholesterol were reserved for older folks. In fact, people in their 30’s and 40’s didn’t even give these subjects a second thought. That time is no more.

Nowadays, the numbers of individuals who are overweight have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and who have heart attacks is growing at a staggering rate. Technology has led to many people leading a more sedentary lifestyle as they sit behind their computers doing their jobs. (I am sitting behind the computer now, but I PROMISE I am going running as soon as I finish this…) In addition, the advent of new and innovative medications has led folks to rely on these instead of focusing on preventative measures, such as diet and exercise which lead to fat loss and can greatly reduce your risks.

The fact is many cases of heart disease and heart attacks could be completely avoided if people would just add a rigorous and consistent exercise program into their lives. Heart disease is caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and obesity, all of which can be combated by regular exercise and fat loss. When we exercise, our bodies create more HDL (high density lipoproteins) which is the GOOD kind of cholesterol. The more HDL we have, the more LDL (low density lipoproteins) which is the BAD kind of cholesterol is moved to our liver and removed by the body. In addition, as we exercise, we actually workout our heart. The heart is a muscle, so the more you work it, the stronger it become. It works to pump more and more blood through our arteries and vessels and make them stronger and more pliable as well. This results in less chance that blockages will occur and can lead to heart disease and potentially heart attacks. Finally, an intense exercise program will help to maintain a healthy weight. No matter how good someone feels about their body and how happy they are being overweight, it is NOT healthy. The more weight you carry, the farther your blood has to travel throughout your body. (Your fat is filled with blood vessels) So the farther your blood has to travel, the more your heart has to work and the greater the chances that a blockage could occur at some point. So, fat loss is a vital aspect in your fight against heart disease.

Listen, we KNOW that exercise will lessen the risk of heart disease and heart attacks, but many of us just don’t do it. Why? Well, for one thing, we don’t have a PLAN. Having a workable plan of action can help us organize our days in order to make certain that this exercise is and STAYS a part of our life. Perhaps we need a personal trainer. Perhaps we simply need to extract the information off the net. No matter what route you choose, you need to develop an exercise program that involves INTENSE physical activity and make it a part of your DAILY life. No exceptions. If you value your life, and want to be around for a few more years, this tip is VITAL for you to implement. Take action TODAY, because we get older every day and the threat of heart disease ALWAYS looms. It is YOUR job to fight it and with the right plan of action, you CAN win.

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