Historically, pandemics have marked the course of history. They are an integral part of the life and evolution of every civilization. They are the symbol of the development of our societies.

They are also the triggers of technical and scientific prowess and life-saving innovations.

Each obstacle leads to reflection and it is in adversity that man grows and develops innovations that see their usefulness put to the benefit of humanity.

The year 2020 will remain engraved in the collective memory as a black year. A difficult year, a year of mourning, of fear for loved ones and for oneself. Nations that had been at peace for decades had to face this microscopic virus, which disrupted our independence.

2020 will have been a year of deprivation, a year that will have robbed us of our freedoms and brought us back to a sometimes traumatic reality: we are all vulnerable in this pandemic. Each individual has become aware that the threat is not always visible, and that it is therefore essential to have good hygiene. 80% of contaminations are made by manual contact, so it is imperative that our civilization is attentive, applying barrier gestures to protect itself and thus avoid the spread of numerous contaminations.

It is against this invisible threat that we fight every day at LABORATOIRE HUCKERT’S. Fighting what cannot be seen with the naked eye is not an easy task because we must convince people of a risk that is not perceived in the same way by everyone.

Our approach is often informative, because we tend to forget that our environment is populated by microorganisms that are sometimes dangerous.

We have developed high-level disinfectant solutions based on fine chemistry. Our different ranges of disinfection products respond to the different problems linked to our customers sectors of activity. Whether it is a sensitive environment, an imposed process, or a technical need for example food contact, we meet the needs by offering adapted products completely safe for humans, equipment, and the environment.

This health crisis will reveal us to others, calling us to order, and awakening us to our way of life: individualism has no place in a society. We are all connected to each other, we must relearn to be a nation, it is together that we are stronger. Solidarity, altruism and the values of human mutual aid are the key, and these have emerged stronger than ever.

During this most complex period, LABORATOIRE HUCKERT’S has increased its efforts to respond to the many calls for help from around the world. Since our grandfather’s founding in 1957, we have maintained the idea of a circular economy. Globalization must not make one nation dependent on another. For too long, our countries have favored economic development at the expense of losing their know-how. Today, Europe has become too dependent on certain countries. Developing countries where the price of labor flirts with the most attractive profitability devaluing our local labor force and thus having a considerable impact on our economy (reduced jobs, lower purchasing power, loss of our know-how, etc.).

As entrepreneurs we also have a role to play in our economies. As a family business, we are committed to the development of renewable energies, such as the introduction of major innovations in our manufacturing processes with packaging made entirely of green PE; we are advocates of “nothing is thrown away, everything is created”. For the good of our planet and humanity, it is important to introduce our customers to this responsible purchasing.

We believe in the power of nature, we strive to use the most natural ingredients without altering the effectiveness of our products.

Within LABORATOIRE HUCKERT’S, our production unit is exclusively based in Belgium. We actively participate in the development of our country and Europe by selecting our partners according to their location and the geographical location of their manufacturing units. It is important that we share the same values. What we do, we want to do it well. The opposite would not make sense. It is fundamental for us to convince our customers of this ethic and the leitmotif that drives us every day.

Many actors have taken advantage of this health crisis to set up their own companies offering hand sanitizer and disinfectant products that have not norms and not validated by the national public health agency. But beware, we are not talking here about a lucrative economic activity, but about a vital need that saves lives. We must therefore be aware that our customers need safety and reliability. When buying disinfectant solutions to protect against viruses, diseases, we must ensure a flawless efficiency and a completely safe product for our customers and their environment. Using toxic, carcinogenic or abrasive products or products that you must protect yourself from when using them with protection (gloves, masks, glasses) makes no sense to us. Our products are completely safe, we validate all standards and the effectiveness is regularly tested on new strains of viruses, bacteria etc.

“Don’t replace a biological risk by a chemical hazard” is the leitmotif of our father, Etienne HUCKERT, who for more than 35 years developed and oriented the company’s core business towards niche markets such as high-risk infectious sectors in the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors. It is obvious that a company must find its way to make its know-how benefit. Differentiation is the only way to stand out from technical and qualitative competition.

ISO 13485 certified, medical devices, LABORATOIRE HUCKERT’S solutions are used in more than thirty countries. This year, in order to meet all demands and future requirements, LABORATOIRE HUCKERT’S are investing more than €2,500,000 in new automated production lines and an expansion of a unit by more than 1000m2.

Our team has given 200% to help all the actors on the front line, this war effort is not over but this year allows us to highlight our role, the importance of our actions, and the importance of good disinfection, because every day we save lives

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