Loss, grief and death are a normal process that happen to us during our lifetime. As we face the reality of life, we go through many types of grief that are unavoidable. It's unreal to think that we cannot suffer any loss in our lives. Being prepared for is the hardest part.

Sadness is the response to any type of loss common to man. Unrecognized situations in our lives have often resulted in grief that we are not ready to face. We see grief as distraction in our lives rather than it being a part of our lives. That is why when anxiety occurs, we do not want to accept it which makes it difficult to relate as a part of our daily lives.

Usually we do not discuss any kind of loss with our children, so when the loss of a loved one happens to the family, the children are unprepared for it. Then it may be a little too late to explain that heartache is a normal situation. We avoid the subject of death and dying even though this is going to happen to everybody.

We want to believe that everything will last forever, which isn't true. Loss, grief and death are worldly occurrences. All over the world, every human being will experience, or has experienced them. It's not a question of if, but rather a question of when, they say. But of course we shouldn't ask ourselves when we are going to die.

We shouldn't live wondering when it will happen. Instead we should rather celebrate our daily lives full of happiness. I do believe that it's important for each of us to understand that it will happen. Knowing about the fact will help us search for people and knowledge that will help us experience healing.

It's about time to move on because you have suffered enough. Life will never be what it was, but it can again be a full and happy life. There is no one who feels exactly like you or anyone else, but we all understand the feelings of pain and loss.

It happens to everyone and grief, it is the universal way that healing from a loss begins. It's the pain from the emotional wound we have received. It's just like a cut to the skin, when the cut is fresh and new, it's most painful. As time goes by, the pain is getting lesser and lesser because the cut is getting smaller.

When the wound is already healed, it may no longer be open and bleeding, but we may have a scar. Of course, the skin is still there, but it is not the same. It may feel and look different, but it is still skin. That wound is like your grief.

Grief can be healed by time. You are already healed but the scars remain. It means that your life is not the same as it used to be. There are some changes but you are still you. Sometimes the wounds don't seem to heal and we become stuck. So will you let that wound remain in your life? Move on, before it's too late.

Try to open another chapter in your life and appreciate how beautiful it is.

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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Let Amy help you in your journey towards Healing After Death. Alternatively click here for Amazon's Kindle Edition.