With Fall, we brace ourselves for many changes – leaves change color, kids are back at school, and the carefree way of life we’ve been living all summer falls victim to the fears associated with flu season which has come knocking at our door. Naturally, trying to protect yourself and your family from the dangers associated with the flu has become a priority. But have we, in our desperate attempt to protect ourselves and loved ones, managed to overlook the inherent concerns of the flu vaccinations and fallen prey to some media’s hysteria.

In 1976, the outbreak of Swine Flu lead pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine. Lucky for us, nobody died of swine flu, unfortunately, we did not develop immunity to the complications and side effects of a poorly-tested vaccine, and 25 people did die due to side effects of the vaccination itself. Several hundreds of people also developed Guillain- Barré Syndrome (severe neurological disease). At that time, lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company sky-rocketed and totaled over $1.3 billion, leading the vaccine to thankfully be withdrawn off the market after 8 weeks. In 2009 we are not as lucky as we once were – a poorly-tested and non-FDA approved vaccine, which may cause death, has nothing to stop it. Big pharmaceutical companies have succeeded in developing their own personal immunity to lawsuits. This leaves us - the customers and patients - without remedy should something go wrong.

As the H1N1 virus continues to spread, panic and hysteria spread with it. It has been declared a pandemic - sounds scary, right? In reality, all pandemic means is that the virus has a large geographical spread, and has nothing to do with severity or deadliness. So as we continue to create panic predicated on nothing more than a word, we need to take into consideration the negative repercussions associated with how we react. Our first instinct is to jump to vaccines. Before you do so, consider a few of the following facts:

Fact - known carcinogens (cancer-producing) substances can be found in vaccines. For example, a substance called Squalene, can be found in the new H1N1 vaccine. Squalene is a naturally-found oil molecule in your body, the Squalene injected acts in opposition to the Squalene that occurs naturally and attacks through the brain and nervous system.

Fact - many health care professionals refuse to personally take vaccines. On August 25, reports showed that half of the doctors and nurses would not take the vaccine due to concerns about side effects and efficacy. It is reported that children and the elderly are even more vulnerable to side effects of the vaccine. How is this vaccine on the market you ask? These flu vaccines have been passed into circulation without being FDA approved due to a sense of urgency.

Fact - infection and flu-like symptoms can be greater as a result of vaccines. When contracting the flu or infection naturally it is done through mucous membranes (IgA) – through you nose, mouth, lungs, and digestive track. Often times, the infection will stop here and be fought off by your first defense. When injecting the vaccine directly into your blood stream you bypass this first line of defense and it immediately jumps-start your defensive system, creating a big shock to your already weakened system, leading to severe side effects.

So what can you do to diminish your chances of getting the flu this season? Take control of your own health; don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. You know what is best for YOUR body, even though others may try to impose their own ideas on to you. These impositions can and do happen – take the example of a new bill that has been passed in the state of Massachusetts. Bill S-2028 states that if a person does not receive the Swine Flu vaccine, they can be ordered into quarantine. So before you get into line for your H1N1 vaccination this season, consider a few other tips on how to keep yourself, and your family healthy:

1. Optimize your level of vitamin D – might be worth seeing your health care provider to get your levels checked – it is not recommended to take capsules without having levels tested – best source is still the sun!

2. Get enough rest – 7 to 8 hours of “recharching” sleep.

3. Try to decrease your stress with effective tools like exercise, meditation or fun activities.

4. Wash your hands often and long enough!

5. Cough on your sleeve not in your hands.

6. Make sure that your nervous system is working optimally – studies have shown that a healthy nervous system = a healthy immune system – see your wellness chiropractor.

7. Avoid processed sugar as it will only diminish the strength of you immune system.

8. Keep your body alkaline (decrease acidity) – diseases strive in an acidic environment.

9. Exercise with weight and perform cardio exercises regularly.

10. Take a high-quality source of animal base Omega-3 fatty acids

11. Use natural antibiotics like garlic – olive leaf extract and oil of oregano (works like a broad spectrum antibiotic against bacteria and viruses)

12. Avoid hospitals and understand the pros and cons of vaccines – even the people that are the weakest (elderly, kids and pregnant women) will be more susceptible to side effects and adverse reaction as their immune system is already low.

13. See your naturopath or your homeopath to help prevent or even to “manage” your flu symptoms should you get the flu. Do your best to protect yourself and your family this season by staying informed and being aware. Visit ww.mercola.com for more information and references on this topic.

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Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B. Sc., D.C. is co-author of the book Wellness On the Go: Take the Plunge - it’s Your Life! And the founder of www.roadmaptowellness.com, and on-line wellness education program. Dr. Beauchamp is a chiropractor, a certified personal fitness trainer, a professional bodybuilder, a TV personality, a corporate wellness consultant and an inspirational speaker.

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