You’re in your 40’s or 50’s and have everything you dreamed of: Kids, a wonderful spouse, a nice house and successful job. Suddenly, you start sweating and experience frequent hot flashes. Then you begin yelling at loved ones without reason and feel as if you can’t control yourself anymore. When it comes to sex, you no longer enjoy it – but avoiding it causes more tension. Then, a crisis – you’re not yourself anymore.
You visit your primary care physician, your psychiatrist – to no avail. For the past 40 or 50 years you’ve treated your body right, and it has treated you right. Until you started noticing changes creeping in. Wrinkles, mood swings, a loss of libido.
No one has an explanation as to why you’re suffering. Your doctors say that menopause or andropause is a normal part of aging -- but you know something is wrong, and you need the answer.
Western medicine doesn’t offer an answer to this question, which is why we had to investigate.
Because natural substances like hormones cannot be patented, Big Pharma needed to come up with an alternative menopausal remedy. In turn, they supplied synthetic and semisynthetic hormones. These hormones were wildly popular, until the damaging revelation that these synthetics were linked to life-threatening conditions. The drugs were on the market already, and were very profitable. Big Pharma warned patients about the risks, and continued to sell the drugs.
Exactly how did it happen that the FDA approved drugs with life threatening side effects?
I remembered my 27 year old neighbor, who died from a clot in her legs which traveled into her lungs. She was on birth control pills, and I arrived at my first solid conclusion…
‘No synthetic or semisynthetic hormones’, because:
1. They lead to cancer.
2. They lead to blood clots.
3. Low testosterone, decreased libido and even gallstones are complications of synthetic hormones.
Ever see a person who looked half their age? She had beautiful skin, bright eyes – and although she looked to be in her 30’s – she was in her 60’s. Her name was Suzanne Somers, and her fountain of youth was Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Her stance was: It isn’t your cholesterol, not your blood pressure; it’s your declining hormones that kill you.
What about heart attacks, cancer and Alzheimer’s? These issues don’t arrive when we are in our 20’s and our sexual hormones are high. Mother Nature doesn’t have much use for us after we cannot reproduce, and needs to free the space for young individuals who can; remember, there is almost no menopause in the animal kingdom. A fertile woman produces eggs and hormones in cycles. These cycles continue until there are no more eggs, and menopause begins. The issue: an average woman has about 1 million eggs, but uses around 400. Why are the rest of her eggs wasted? Why would Mother Nature invest in longevity but not fertility?
What matters is: we have a loophole to live longer. What we need to do is convince our bodies that we are younger, but how?
Professor Dr. James Collip found that giving natural hormones from fertile women to postmenopausal individuals would signal their bodies that they were still fertile. These hormones, being ‘bioidentical’ – are the same as your own.
No other treatments ignited as many debates as BHRT. Opponents suggest that bioidentical hormones carry the same risks as synthetic hormones, while two French studies state that bioidenticals “are associated with lower risks… than their synthetic and animal- derived counterparts.” Normally we would have controlled studies of the safety of bioidentical hormones, but there is no such study in sight. Do you think Big Pharma would invest in something that cannot be profitable?
But do Bioidentical Hormones really work? Can they prolong life?
Geographic reporter Dan Buettner decided to look for the areas on Earth where people lived longer. He and his group found such areas which they called ‘Blue Zones’.
Longevity lessons from people living in the Blue Zones:
1. Get enough sun light to get plenty of vitamin D.
2. Restrict your calorie intake, but still get enough calories to fight infections or stress.
3. Eat plenty of tomatoes.
4. Move naturally.
5. Eat a handful of nuts regularly.
6. Drink enough water.
7. Be social.
What was the secret behind these lessons?
Tomatoes, calorie restriction, sun exposure and a social lifestyle all promote proper hormone balance, each in their own unique way. It seems that longevity is all about hormones.
Your body doesn’t know what to do with synthetic estrogens -- which lead to free radicals, causing cancer. But in the case of Bioidenticals, we can monitor what your body is doing with estrogen and most of the time: correct it.
BHRT is more than using bioidenticals; it is about using an holistic, individualized approach instead of standard protocols and potentially toxic drugs. To me, it’s about finding the root cause of your problem, instead of just treating your symptoms.
My suggestions:

Get enough sleep (8 hours a day)
Follow a Paleolithic diet -- avoid processed food!
Balance your hormones!

Author's Bio: 

For close to three decades Dr. Sergey Kalitenko has dedicated himself to perfecting his techniques in the Art of Medicine and using his knowledge and experience to care for his patients. His practice is based on the principles of Holistic and Functional Medicine and anti-aging treatment. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a keystone of his practice and he is against callously prescribing prescription drugs to treat symptoms as opposed to determining the root cause of the ir disease. As a diagnostician, his goal is to find the root cause of his patients problems and find a solution in a healthier and definitive way as opposed to simply controlling the symptoms. Dr. Kalitenko’s philosophy is that of wellness, not illness.

As a young man, Dr. Kalitenko’s beloved grandmother fell ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. Faced with the feelings of helplessness and futility about his grandmother’s condition, Doctor Kalitenko decided to become a physician. Unfortunately, he could not save her: there was no cure for blood cancer. She died soon after Doctor Kalitenko graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute in Ukraine. Since he could not save his grandmother, he chose to dedicate his life to fighting diseases and helping those afflicted with them.

Dr. Kalitenko's record of success began early when he graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute in Ukraine at age 21. At age 27, he became Head of the Emergency Care Department of the Donetsk Medical Institute in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Building up on his success he decided to combine the best from East with the advantages of West. Upon moving to the United States, Doctor Kalitenko, completed his medical residency in Brooklyn, NY, was Board Certified in Internal Medicine and became a staff physician at a a teaching hospital to care for critically ill patients to save their lives and use his experience to educate other doctors. In the United States, he found the best medicine in the world with ample opportunity to expand his knowledge and care for patients.

To spend more time with his patients Doctor Kalitenko opened is private practice in 2001 while continuing with his hospital duties. The decision to deliver the best care possible led him to offering his patients beauty procedures including but not limited to Thread Lifts, Botox and Restylane injections. He believes his patients should be perfect from the inside and out!

After getting to know his patients over time, Dr. Kalitenko noticed a trend in concerns that patients presented to him. A primary concern for his patients and Dr. Kalitenko as well was long, overdrawn attempts to unsuccessfully get rid of chronic diseases and aging issues. It seemed that with a traditional medical approach, he could only treat the symptoms of the disease. That was not enough for him, he wanted to find the cause and get rid of it. Dr. Kalitenko began looking for new strategies and new treatment options.

While considering himself healthy in his 40s, holding 2 jobs without feeling fatigued, Dr. Kalitenko suddenly became a patient himself. His diagnosis: heart problems and high cholesterol. To stay alive, he needed to find the cause. After going through the frustration after unsuccessful investigations and suffering from shortness of breath, chest tightness and dizziness, he almost gave up. He felt that the foundation of traditional medicine that he had followed for years had failed him. When Dr. Kalitenko got sick himself, he did not want to be just treated, but to be cured. He tried to get help from different doctors, but unfortunately he was not getting any better. He felt exactly as many of his current patients do when faced with a chronic condition. A friend of Dr. Kalitenko introduced him to Holistic, Functional and the Antiaging medicine, and Dr. Kalitenko began to apply those ideas to his own health management. That is how he got better. But why didn't traditional medicine meet his expectations? Because it was lacking the crucial element -- finding and treating the root cause. Like with many things in life, the bleakness of this time period was in fact the reason for the development of Dr. Kalitenko’s current approach, with him taking charge of his health and being able to treat patients with its effectiveness.

And then another success: he learned about the power of Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and Functional Medicine approach. He incorporated bio-identical hormones in his anti-aging treatments using Holistic, Functional and Integrative medicine principles.

Unlike traditional primary care physicians, doctor Kalitenko focuses on finding and eradicating the root cause of your problem, instead of just treating your symptoms. To do that he asks your body what is wrong and what needs to be done by using biofeedback, because your body knows how to heal itself. To achieve the best results possible he is going to balance not only your Hormones, but also your Neurotransmitters, Microelements and Vitamins, using the best parts of conventional medicine, like medical history, physical examinations, laboratory testing and imaging studies, as well as holistic and functional medicine approaches. Detoxification is a very important part of his treatments.

Of course Holistic and Functional medicine or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Neurotransmitter balancing is not for everyone. There is no magic pill. And the decision to start the new treatment is not an easy one. But we want to make it easy for you. That is why before making a decision, get a complimentary consultation with Doctor Kalitenko and get your questions answered about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Neurotransmitter balancing, Biofeedback, and Holistic and Functional medicine approaches. Therefore before making a decision you will get all information necessary to make an informed decision.