Modern life is extremely demanding, highly stressful due to not only personal commitments, but long-work hours, busy schedules, and unhealthy diets. All of these factors combined are the perfect cocktail for fatigue to settle. Mental exertion caused by stress, anxiety and daily life, in general, often results in fatigue. The truth is, fatigue is more than just being tired, it is about feeling drained, sometimes to the point where it starts affecting your health and your lifestyle. This extreme state of exhaustion does not discriminate as anyone can be affected. In most cases, fatigue is a symptom attached to a number of conditions, such as anemia, bipolar disorder, the cold and the flu or high stress caused by mental fatigue.

There is also a condition primarily know as CFS, “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Sufferers of this condition find themselves experiencing elevated levels of body function weakness and tiredness. There is no underlying medical condition related to this syndrome and its causes are barely understood, which means sufferers struggle to control when and how it occurs.

When fatigue settles in your body, one of the first things you should do is consult a doctor. This is mainly due to the fact that it may be caused by other conditions which often need a prescription for some medication. However, if you find that it is simply caused by the daily hustle and bustle of life then supplements are not only the most convenient choice of treatment but also the healthiest. Sometimes all your body needs are nutrients such as B1, vitamin C, mitochondria, and zinc to get it back in sync.

Below is a list of supplements that help with reducing fatigue and increasing your body’s natural energy without compromising your health but rather enhancing it with nutrients.


B-vitamins are the perfect supplement for building a body that can holdout stressful periods as well as times of tiredness. The use of vitamin B1 ensures that your body has the right nutritional ingredients to stabilise your mental wellbeing as well as get a hold of fluctuating mood swings which tend to cause stress. Vitamin B2 and B3 on the other hand; help to minimize oxidative stress levels and elevates brain function which helps you to not overreact during periods of high-stress scenarios.

Then there is also vitamin B6 which helps your body reduce fatigue levels by strengthening your immune system. B-Vitamins are designed to help your body, especially your brain deal with stress, which means you may not have to deal with fatigue as your body will be equipped to handle stressful events.


Iron supplements are available both over the counter or through doctor’s prescription. They mainly used to treat anemia, which is a condition that affects people with low iron levels in their blood. Anemia is also known to affect women, it tends to peak during the menstrual cycle. This is because during menstrual blood loss, can be significant enough to cause high levels of fatigue and lethargy. However, the underlying fact is that anemia or low iron levels can affect anyone, even children.

Iron supplements are a healthy way of increasing your body’s iron levels. Look for supplements that contain Ferrous Bisglycinate which is an organic source of iron. Using iron supplements will not only increase your iron levels but will also help reduce fatigue and tiredness.


Mitochondria are your body’s power source of energy found in cells throughout your entire body. As you grow older and certain health condition becomes part of your body’s repertoire, the health of the mitochondria in your cells start to deplete. This often results in lower energy levels, lethargy, and a general drop in high body functionality.

Mitochondria supplements may help with fatigue as they contain ingredients such Coenzyme Q10 and Lipoic Acid. These nutrients help increase productivity, increase energy levels and will leave you feeling revitalised.

Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 (ZMA)

This powerful combination of supplements will help your body feel energised. The combination of these three nutrients are most helpful to people who struggle to get a good night’s rest. Sleep is an essential component for day-in and day-out productivity, efficiency and just not losing your mind.

Sleep allows the body to cope with stress and rejuvenates the brain for optimum functionality. Lack of sleep or a compromise in sleep quality doesn’t help with mitigating fatigue. This is where ZMA supplements prove their worth. Zinc is specifically responsible for monitoring testosterone production while magnesium helps to increase the quality of sleep you get. Being a B-vitamin, B6 helps the latter nutrients to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream. Ultimately, the combination of ZMA means better sleep quality and as a result less fatigue and tiredness.

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