What if you suddenly learn that someone close to you, friend or loved one, is befallen with cancer? You'll need to be strong for both of you and you can be trough hypnosis. And what if the illness has caught you in its paws? Then again you will need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the hard times ahead in this battle – hypnosis can do that, too. Surely the medical angle will be taken care of by the respective specialists but the fight doesn’t end there. You’ll need to be confident in spirit too that you have conquered this bad period of your life and that’s where hypnosis comes into play.

By the means of hypnosis the brain enters a mellow state where it separates from its surroundings but still knows it exists. This enables the subconscious to be contacted and instructed to perform certain tasks. Since in fact it is exactly the subconscious that directs our lives, it can be convinced through hypnosis that it needs to achieve something specific like losing weight, for example. It's just like rewriting a program code. Obviously, you'll still need the medical intervention because hypnosis can't physically remove the cancer; nevertheless it will prepare you much better for it and let you stay psychologically fit afterwards.

Hypnosis is useful in many different ways when it comes to cancer. It can help lower the stress of receiving the news and awaiting treatment. If you believe that the medical procedures will succeed than it most certainly will. On the contrary, if you're demotivated, desperate and depressed the cancer will win. Hypnosis can also be used as preparation before the actual operation takes place because it puts you in relaxed mode. It may even reduce the actual postoperative pain and side effects, because the latter are usually psychological rather than physical. Last but not least, hypnosis can actually help fight cancer cells by programming the brain due to the connection between the mental and physical condition. Even if you’re helping someone else who has cancer, you still need to remain strong and cheerful for him/her.

Of course, don’t forget that medical treatment is still vital. Hypnosis can only help you on a psychological level, because a stronger and more confident mind is a great aid to the physical operation. The same is also true if you turn it around. Doctors alone can’t fight this illness, you need your spirit to also be participating and that's what hypnosis will give you. Once your mental and physical state are on the same level, you can truly have a chance of winning. The hypnosis will maintain that balance to ensure your survival.

As you may or may not know, due to the modern technologies and research, today cancer can be completely cured if caught on time and treated properly. But researches still point out that a proper treatment combined with hypnosis always gives the best results. Reports exist for many people successfully recovered from cancer and those people refused to give up fighting and coping. Hypnosis will ensure that you also remain like those people. The specialists will treat your body, but in the mean time you must treat your spirit. Even if hypnosis itself can't cure cancer, it will contribute substantially.

Hypnosis will make the treatment of cancer much faster and easier. Remember, cancer can’t conquer you if you won’t let it – use hypnosis as a favor to yourself in this hard fight. Don't despair, lose hope or give up – there’s a way to heal the body through the spirit - hypnosis.

Author's Bio: 

Svend Steenstrup is a hypnotist, Hypnotherapist in Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, Denmark