Now that the h1n1 virus (swine flu) has grabbed at my own family in different parts of the country, I'm coming out swinging!

I'm not going to take it anymore! And you shouldn't either.

According to the CDC, Influenza A H1N1 is a respiratory disease typically found in pigs that is caused by type A influenza viruses. While it's not typical for humans to contract Influenza A H1N1, human infections occasionally do happen.

It hasn't yet been determined how exactly the current strain of Influenza A H1N1 is spreading, but flu is normally spread through the air by droplets expelled from the mouth when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes. These droplets often land on hands and adjacent surfaces. Following proper hygiene can help prevent the spread of the illness.

* Wash your hands: Wash your hands throughout the day with soap and water for 20 seconds, making sure to scrub underneath the nails and the back of the hands.
* Disinfect surfaces: Regularly disinfect the frequently-touched surfaces in your home with a disinfectant to prevent viruses from spreading from surfaces to people.
* Avoid close contact with people who are sick. And if you're sick, stay home to avoid spreading germs to those around you.

Alternative medications that are most likely to help us during a severe pandemic:

Garlic (allicin) – Very effective antiviral. Best if fresh (raw) and crushed. Must be consumed within 1 hour of crushing. Dosage is initially 2 to 3 cloves per day but later reduce until no body odor occurs.

Vitamin C – Boosts the immune system and is an antiviral by blocking the enzyme neuraminadase. Viruses need neuraminadase to reproduce. There are stories of people taking large amounts of Vitamin C (children) surviving the Spanish Flu. A study with 470 people, involved giving them 1000 mg hourly for 6 hours and then 1000 mg 3 times daily after reporting flu symptoms. Symptoms decreased by 85%.

Green Tea (possible Tamiflu/Relenza alternative) – Very effective antiviral and a powerful antioxidant. Also decreases the production of the cytokine (catechins) TNF-a. Inhibits neuraminidase. May have antiviral activity that is equal to other antivirals like Tamiflu.

St Johns Wort (Hypericum) – Another very effective antiviral. Also decreases the production of the cytokine IL-6. Hypericum is an extract from St John's Wort.

Vitamin E – Immune booster. Also decreases the production of the cytokine TNF-a. Very suitable for immune compromised people, especially the elderly. The effects are enhanced when taken with Vitamin C.

Apple Juice – Antiviral. Fresh apple juice including the pulp and skin has a greater antiviral activity than "heated commercial" apple juice.

Resveratrol – Antiviral. In addition to inhibiting neuraminidase, resveratrol also sends a message to cells to stop manufacturing viruses. A proven antiviral found naturally in red wine, mulberries, Japanese Knotwood root (richest source), raisins and red grapes.

Scuttellaria (Skullcap) – Antiviral. A herb used as a tea. It has no side effects and is also a mild tranquillizer. Research suggests neuraminidase, which is a substance needed by the H5N1 virus to reproduce, may be inhibited.

Cranberry Juice – Some research shows that it may be an antiviral, making viruses less able to invade or multiply.

Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) – Decreases the production of the cytokine TNF-a. Also boosts immune system. The number of white blood cells was significantly increased during treatment. Children and pregnant women should avoid. Has a potentially damaging effect on the DNA of proliferating cells. (cancers, fetuses, growing children)

Curcumin (Turmeric Spice) – Decreases the production of the cytokine TNF-a. This is the yellow compound in turmeric spice. Must be taken with food or gastritis or peptic ulcers may occur. Pregnant women and feeding mothers should avoid. The medicinal properties of curcurmin cannot be utilized when used alone due to rapid metabolism in the liver and intestinal wall. When combined with Piperine found in black pepper the absorption is increased with no adverse effects. Obtainable from health stores in tablets, liquid, capsules already combined with Piperine. Dosage is 500mg to 4000mg daily.

Astragalus Root (Astragali Radix) – Boosts immune system.

Tea Tree Steam Inhalation – Reduces the cytokine TNF-a. Add 2 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of steaming water. Cover head with a towel and inhale for 5 to 10 minutes. Relieves congestion and fights infection.

There. Now I've given you the weapons to fight this nasty virus and WIN!

Go kill it and get well!

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