Fight With Girlfriend Not Talking: Girlfriend Stopped Talking To Me After Fight

Like I said, everybody has fights. So don't panic and feel like you're the only couple that has issues. It's important to realize that not every fight is going to get resolved, and in this case it's best to "agree to disagree". Being right isn't always what's important, compromise is going to be a very useful tool when mending a relationship.

The fight cannot be resolved until "sorry" has been said. If nobody says sorry there is no way the fight is ever going to be resolved. Even if you still feel like you were in the right, find something to apologize for. Example, "I'm sorry that I yelled at you." Apologizing helps put the other person at ease, and is going to make it easier for them to say sorry as well.

Women don't seem to cool off as fast as men do after a fight. Depending on how upset she is it's best to let her have at least a few minutes to herself before going and talking to her. When you do decide to go talk to her, be kind. Starting another fight by bringing up the issue again isn't going to help anyone. Also, make sure that you're ready to listen before going and trying to talk to her. Little outrages a woman more than a man that doesn't listen!

In talking with her she may say some things that hurt your feelings or that you don't agree with. Remember, don't pick another fight. If you have something to say be relaxed when talking about it. Don't let your emotions fly off that charts because she's immediately going to stop listening to whatever you have to say. If you do feel yourself getting upset take a deep breath and think about what you're wanting to say and what's the best way to say it.

Mature people can talk to each other without getting upset, they also are a lot easier to make up with after a fight. Immature people are a completely different story, as it's like fighting with a child. The best way to repair a relationship after a fight is to apologize then talk to your partner when she's ready to talk.

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Men who find themselves still in love with an ex after a breakup seem to have one pressing question they need an answer to. That question is, "How can I get my girlfriend back?"

If you currently find yourself in this situation, know you are not alone. Breakups happen every single day. However, relationships get repaired and couples get a second chance every single day as well. Your own situation will be unique from every other, but there are still some simple guidelines you can follow to help you get your ex girlfriend back.

First of all, there's no reason to try winning your girlfriend back if you don't first identify what went wrong in the relationship and work on fixing those problems.

Did you cheat? Were you controlling? Did she do something that caused you to leave? Did you have a difficult time communicating and always fight over stupid things? Only you know the specifics of your own relationship. Figure out what happened, so you know how to fix it and keep it from happening again once you get back together.

View a breakup as an opportunity to learn and grow so you can create a stronger, more loving bond the second time around. Every once in a while we all need a slap in the face to keep from taking things for granted.

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Next, respect your girlfriend's privacy and give her some space. Never try to force the situation. If she's not talking to you, don't keep sending her texts and emails or you'll make her feel pressured. Remember, people will back away from things making them uncomfortable.

Let your girlfriend come to you when she's ready. When she doesn't hear from you, she'll start to miss you. Her own mind will start convincing her that she might be making a mistake. She'll start to imagine you being out with someone else. She'll start to realize a few bad moments aren't worth throwing away an otherwise great relationship.

It's very rare in a relationship for someone to just walk out and never say another word. Be patient and she'll make contact with you. Breaking off contact and creating space also helps you keep from appearing desperate or needy.

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You know that no contact rule is a good method to recover from the emotional trauma after a break up. But how about gaining your ex back through this rule? Puzzled? Don't be. No contact rule is an effective way of gaining your ex back and rekindle the passion which you thought was cooling off.

Break up is a traumatic process. No contact rule allows you to spend some time alone. This helps you restore your confidence and self-reliance. As the term suggest, no contact rule means an agreement with your partner that after the break up you will have no contact with each other. No meeting, no phone calls, no emails. Nothing at all.

But no contact rule is also an effective way to renew relationship with your ex. Absence makes love stronger. This is a simple maxim we all know well. The catch is to apply this maxim to strengthen your relationship.

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Being away from your partner helps you locate the problem areas in your relationship. When you were together, it always seemed your ex's fault. It is because when you are in relationship, you are too emotionally involved and this sometimes does not allow you to see the real cause of the problem. You sometimes feels emotionally insecure and start finding fault with each other.

But when you are away, you can analyze the problem coolly and try to solve it. It is also possible that now you realize that perhaps you have made some mistakes. When you are away from each other, it helps you to realize the real worth of your partner in your life. You remember the good time you spent with your partner. You start missing you ex and this doubles your yearning. You want him/her back in your life and don't hesitate to confess it.

So you see, no contact rule a sure way to get you ex back. It produces excellent result in bringing couples together again. What you need is a bit of patience and a bit of effort.

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Breakups happen all the time, but that doesn't mean they are forever, especially when you take into account the very fact that you want to do something about it! You see, as long as you are willing to do what's necessary to get your ex back, then you are practically guaranteed that your ex will take you back fast. Here is what you must do to make your ex lover desire you again...

Give some time for them- Giving space is hard for you, but it's what your ex wants. With a little bit of time, your ex will be wanting to talk to you again, because you allowed curiosity to build As well, your ex does want some space, and wants you to take some time to think on your own as well, without always "texting" or emailing your ex in between. The last thing you want to do, is look obsessive, so give them exactly what they want: "some time"!

Your mental health - With time, your ex becomes bored of your looks, BUT they also figure you out. This makes them bored of you, and not only that, but they start to notice all of the things that are "wrong" with you. What I mean by this, is that all of your insecurities come out. If you have issues here or there, they begin to show, and bother your ex! What happens then is that you and your ex argue all the time, and your ex wants you to change.... but you make excuses and a bunch of other repetitive behavior!

What you need to do then, is some serious self improvement. You need to make sure that your mental health is better than your ex could ever expect. Your ex wants someone who is smart, intelligent and you know the rest, and those kinds of qualities require constant maintenance and work so that you can always be your best self.

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