No matter where someone lives on this planet, they are going to need to be able to stand their ground and to protect themselves. What this will do is stop them from being walked over by other people.

Now, this is not to say that everyone who one will come across will have the desire to harm them. There are going to be people out there who would if they had the chance, along with others who have no interest in doing such a thing.


However, if one doesn’t have the ability to stand up for themselves, it won’t matter if another person wants to harm them. Another person could do something that they are not comfortable with, but one won’t let them know.

Here, one could feel as though they are being taken advantage of, yet this will only have place because they didn’t speak out. So, regardless of whether one feels bad as this takes place or shortly after, they will only have themselves to blame.

Taking Responsibility

At the same time, if they were to blame themselves it might only make them feel even worse, and this is why it would be better for them to realise that this is something that they allowed to happen. What took place will have had a negative on them, but at least they will be able to do something about it.

The alternative would be for one to see themselves as a victim, and this is not going to have a positive effect on them. One outlook will allow them to feel empowered, while another will cause them to feel helpless.

The Truth

Still, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that this is all just a matter of perspective, as this would imply that it is all about what is going on in their mind. What it comes down to is that one outlook is the truth and one isn’t; it is not merely a matter of perspective.

Therefore, if one is able to take a step back and to reflect on how they behave, they will be able to see how their behaviour is what needs to change. The trouble is that if one has been walked over for as long as they can remember, it is going to be normal for them to believe that this is something that is out of their control.

Learned Victimhood

Throughout this time, each experience that they have had will have strengthened their view of themselves as someone who is just an effect of their environment. Other people will have the ability to protect themselves, but this won’t be an option for them.

If one doesn’t feel comfortable asserting themselves on this planet, it is going to show that something isn’t right. For some reason, they are not going to be able to do something that is in their best interest.

The Difference

It would be easy to believe that the people who can do this have something that one doesn’t have, which is why they experience life differently. This is not going to be completely true, but it won’t be completely false either.

These people are unlikely to have anything that one doesn’t have, yet what they will probably have is a strong connection to their fight instinct. This is something that Ben Ralston has spoken about, and it relates to the part of us that is there to keep us alive.

A Security System

One way of looking at this would be to think about how a good security system will allow a home owner to know when someone or something has come onto their property. This system will create a force field around their house and they will be notified as soon as it has been breached.

In the same way, the fight instinct is there to let one know when they have been compromised. Taking this onto account, if this part of someone is not up and running, they are going to be like a sitting duck.


What this shows it that even though everyone has this within them, it doesn’t mean that it is online. When this part of someone’s nature is not assisting them, it can show that they have experienced trauma.

If one has more or less always experienced life in this way, it is likely to show that they were abused and/or neglected as a child. Through being treated so badly, it would have caused them to believe that it wasn’t safe for them to listen to their needs and to assert themselves.

A Negative Association

In addition to this, their body would have been flooded with trauma, and this may have caused their lower body to shut down. Asserting themselves would have been seen as something that would cause them to experience even more harm or to be completely annihilated.

Being treated badly would have been painful, but it wouldn’t have been as bad as what might have happened if they tried to fight back. These early experiences would then have set them up to feel comfortable with being violated.


In order for them to be able to get their fight instinct back online and to feel safe enough to stand their ground, it will be vital for them to deal with the trauma that is in their body and mind. Naturally, this is a process and not something that will happen overnight.

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