There are millions of sports buffs around the world. Different countries have different popular sports. Similarly, Americans have their own taste with sports which is quite different from the rest of the world.

American Sports are organized and managed efficiently facilitating fan following in the very best way. Media coverage for each sport is also handled very professionally and each sporting category is provided with growth and development opportunities from college and university level.

A brief summary of the most cherished sports in America is as follows:
The most important sports since 1869 are baseball. It exists as a national pastime for American people. The organization of these sports, through the formation of National League and American league took place in 20th century. Each Baseball update is greatly popular in all popular sports news in America.

In 1903, the winners of these two leagues came in direct competition in the final. This sport is the most favorite one in North America, Central America, East Asia and Caribbean. Many eyes are focused on each baseball update throughout America.

One of the most popular games, which were originally invented in Canada, is baseball. This game became a part of Olympics in 1936. National Basketball Association came into being in 1946 based on extreme popularity among all sports in America. This game is the third most famous sports in Afro-American youngsters.

Tennis is an incredibly admired game in America which has come from European aristocracy. The rules were set in place in 1890 and America holds the opportunities to organize most prestigious events known as U.S Open. This sport was introduced in Olympics in 1986.

Soccer is not as popular in United Sates as it is in other parts of the world, but it still exist in the top four most liked sports. Women soccer is also much flourished and was able to win Gold Medal in 1996 and 2004 Olympics.

Auto Racing particularly NASCAR is among the top sports being frequently watched by American sports fans. Stock Car Racing is one of the emerging sports about which the youth as well as adults are more interested in United States these days.

American Football ranks high in all sports in United States, in spite of being a very rough game and holding a very terrible history with numerous deaths. This however has been made safe with several rules introduced by President Roosevelt. The most followed American Football event is Super bowl.

Ice Hockey is another accepted sport in American sports. Cold climatic conditions are highly favorable for this game so, it is more popular in such areas. National Hockey League is the authority organization with 24 teams from America and 6 teams from Canada. The most important event for these sports is Stanley Cup.

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