Skin is the facet of our health; the better skin we have, the better health we owe. Apart from this, our mood swings have a great impact on our skin and therefore it is said that the more you smile, the much better skin texture you have. Reason behind this, is your blood circulation that improves with your happy mood. But then is it always so simple to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Yes.

There are many ways to have a good skin but the important part is that which one you chose and how effective it is. Let’s have a look at some basic skin care tips that one should follow on everyday basis:

Eat Good, Live Good

There is a direct relationship between your food and body. To get a lean body, healthy muscles and glowing skin, it is very important to eat a balanced, nutritive diet. Vegetables, fruits, and water make the category of food items that flushes away toxic from your body and allows it to grow. It provides all those essential nutrients to your skin that are required for a supple skin type. Along with this, your food durations also play a vital role in accelerating your health and body. So make sure you take care of that.

Be natural: Say no to Chemicals and simulated products

Let it be creams, perfumes, soaps, lotions or shampoos; anything that consists of chemicals and fake ingredients, sooner or later brings some negative impact over your skin and health. The tissues under your skin are so sensitive that when they come in direct touch with these synthetically produced products; they loose their neutrality and sensitivity and become harsh and uneven. Sometimes, rashes can also be seen. Therefore, it is always recommended to use home made remedies or organic products for your skin care. They are quite malleable and effective too. They neither cause any kind of harm to your skin nor fails in making it glow and shine. They are the skin’s best friend and are easy to use.

So sit and pen down your skin type and your requirements to improve your skin texture and its overall health. Then plan for the ingredients to use. It would bring a drastic amendment to your looks and confidence of course. As far as perfumes and colognes are concerned, they should never be used directly on the skin because they are made up of strong chemicals and gases.

Your features

Features play a vital role in flaunting your skin, and especially when it comes to your face. Eyes and lips are the most recounting ones. It’s been commonly heard that your eyes speak your inner health. So if you don’t have sparkling eyes, then your face won’t look good and attractive. Some easy to perform tips for relaxing your eyes are:
• Put milk Soaked cotton pads on your eyes for 10 minutes and relax
• Dab olive oil on your eyes and eyelids and put warm tea bags over it for 10 minutes
• Cucumber is an excellent way of removing tan under eyes and soothing your eye muscles


If you are not an expert in makeup then better don’t use it, because it could be messy if not used correctly. Moreover, remember not to sleep with it ever because it kills your skin during that time. It is actually weather that should be considered before choosing your makeup. In winters, oil-based products are excellent and in summers, water-based products play good. Then use a cleansing milk to clean your face after the party and tone it with a natural toner. Before sleeping, put a delicate night cream over your face.

Similar to this, there are so many other, easy to adopt and follow, tips for making your skin breathe, live and glow. So have a good search over Internet and look out for the best deals for you.

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I'm John white, I write on health and fitness. Learn more here, A List of Common Skin Disorders and How to Get Fair Skin Naturally?