Do you own a car but cannot drive? It is quite normal that someone may have a car but cannot drive it, but then a question will arose that when you cannot drive the car why should you need it to be insured?

The answer is simple, even if you cannot drive the car there is no such rule that you cannot own a car. When you own a car there fair chances that someone else may drive it and when they do so they will need insurance. Thus, even if you don’t drive you will need your car to be insured so that it can run on the roads.

Why does insurance companies need driver license?

Now you must be thinking that there are no such obligations that insurance must be issued in name of the driver. The car is insured then why does the insurance companies needs a driver license before they provide your car insurance?

Actually car insurance with no license is not normally provided by the reasonable car insurance companies because they need to know what type of driver will be driving the car. That is they want to understand the chances of getting the car into an accident. This is only possible when they have the driver license in hand. It is a document that let the officials know that you are trained properly to drive on the roads.

Moreover, the insurance company will come to know about your driving skills and whether you are safe or risky driver. This will help them calculate the premium for insurance. Thus, in most states it is not easy to get auto insurance with no license. Still it is not impossible as there are number of situation when you will need an insurance even if you do not have license.

How to get insurance without license?

The next thing you must be worrying about is how to get cheapest car insurance with no licence? Getting insurance is simple, all you need to do is contacting an insurance agent. But when it comes to getting insurance without any license things may not remain that simple. You have to search for an insurance company who will provide insurance even without license.

Ask them for quotes. After getting the quotes compare them and then you must decide which of the offer is best.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Geil, An Expert Financial adviser and reputed journalist in United States.