Mobile testing is quite complex because of the fragmentation of the network provider, development platform, operating systems and the devices on which the application runs. This brings the fact that companies need to develop the test strategies considering all the platforms and devices.

DevOps promote an extensive and transparent flow of communication. It is a great platform to automate the communication process by using the testing team mobile app development team, and a business term of the Android Application Development Company.

1 Selenium

Selenium Automation Framework is a portable, open source, customized, the framework for software testing used for the web applications. By operating a codeless test automation framework, it reduces test cycle times, coding efforts, and associated costs, that develop the test efficiency of applications developed on AJAX,Net, and Java/J2EE.
The framework Selenium was developed by the team of testers and programmers. It was released under the license of Apache 2.0 and may be used and downloaded without charge.

The IDE of Selenium is an established integrated development environment for tests using a particular domain language (Selenese) by which tests can be written in several popular programming languages, such as Java, C#, l, PHP, Ruby, and Python. It is also a playback/record tool for tests.

2 HP – UFT formerly QTP

It stands for “HPE Unified Functional Testing”. HPE UFT provides testing automation for regression and functional testing for the software applications.

The scripting language of Visual Basic Scripting Edition is used by this testing tool to register the test processes and controls in testing the applications and operates the various objects.

Using UFT, one can automate actions of a user on the web based application and test the same steps for different data set, different users, on several Windows operating systems various browsers. If the automation using UFT executed and planned in a proper way will save money and time.

3 TestingWhiz

It is a tool for test automation which has code-less scripting. Enterprise edition of TestingWhiz tool provides a complete package of several testing solutions like software testing, web testing, database testing, mobile application testing, regression test suite automation, optimization and maintenance, and cross-browser testing of mobile web applications.

TestingWhiz offers several important features like:

1.Data-driven testing, keyword-driven, and distributed testing
2.Playback and record test automation framework
3.Testing based on risk

4 TestComplete

TestComplete is a platform for functional testing which provide several methods for automation testing for web, desktop, and mobile applications
TestComplete centralized Start Page, enhancements in ease of use, new script-free keyword testing enable learning automated testing easier for new users. It's flexibility and extensive feature list make certain the power users may always have a solution for the challenges in testing.

TestComplete provides the following features:

1.Scripting Language Support
2.GUI testing
3.Scripted testing
4.Test playback and recording

5. Ranorex

Ranorex Studio provides several testing automation tools which cover testing all web, desktop, and mobile applications.
It offers easy-to-use tools for test automation for creating automated testing projects which are reliable. Optimize the robust test automation frameworks with Ranorex Studio

Ranorex provides following features:

1.GUI identification
2.Test codes are reusable
3.Bug detection
4.Integration with several tools
5.Playback and Record

6 Watir

Watir drives browsers like people do. It fills in forms, clicks links, presses buttons. Watir checks results, such as whether desired text appears on the page or not.

Watir provides following features:

1.Tests any web application which is language-based.
2.Cross-browser testing
3.Compatible with tools of business-driven development
4.Tests web page’s links, buttons, forms, and their responses

7 Sahi

Sahi is a tool for testing automation for web applications testing. Sahi is open source which is written in JavaScript and Java programming languages.

Sahi offers following features:

1.Supports multi-browser testing
2.Supports Dojo, ExtJS, ZK, frameworks
3.Test record and playback

8 Tosca Testsuite

Tosca Testsuite uses model-based test automation for software testing used by Android Application Development Company.

Tosca Testsuite offers following capabilities:

1.Design and plan test case
2.Provisioning of test data
3.Service virtualization n/w
4.Tests mobile applications
5.Integration management

9 WatiN

WatiN is a C#-developed, open-source, web application testing tool inspired by Watir. It supports web application testing for. Net programming. It is licensed under framework Apache 2.0.

WatiN offers following features:

1.Supports AJAX and HTML website testing
2.Unit testing tools integration
3.Automate browser testing on Firefox and IE
4.Generates web page screenshots
5.Support for Page and Control model

10 Telerik TestStudio

It provides one solution to desktop, mobile, and web application testing including performance, UI, and load testing.

Telerik TestStudio provides various capabilities like:

1.Support of programming languages like HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, and MVC
2.Record and playback
3.Manual testing
4.Cross-browser testing
5.Integration with bug tracking tools

With the excess of open source tools available, integrating and implementing the most suited tool for the DevOps needs proved to be a challenging task for Android Application Development Company. However, it can end up saving money and time, while increasing quality to market. These information given above helps the users to realize the gains that DevOps will bring with a proper testing framework in place.

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