As we approach the festive season and with the festival of Rakhi just around the corner, everyone is busy with buying their gifts for siblings, elders and also wrapping and packing them in beautiful and unique ways to amp up the presentation of these carefully selected gifts.

Luckily everything today is as close as a click of a button and a large selection of gift wrapping paper, gift bags and envelopes are available to us.

Here are a few ways to amp up your packing style!

1:Choose A Fun & Colourful Gift Wrapping Paper
You could play around with so many options. Pack your gifts in multiple cold-colored wrapping sheets or choose to go eccentric with different prints and use solid-colored ribbons to tie bowls.

You could even choose printed ribbon for print gift wrapping sheets and do a complete contrast! The options are endless.

2:Choose Quirky Gift Bags

If you are not a fan of wrapping each present or simple do not have the time, simplify your wrapping game but choosing gift bags of different shapes & sizes. You can choose from handmade paper bags to a fun print or even metallic gift bags.

3: Add Little Notes
Fun cards full of stories and love or even little greeting cards wishing your loved ones make your wrapping game personal and can also help add a playful element to your gifting game.

4: Do Something Different

If you’re looking to save some paper or simple just change your usual packing style you can always wrap your gifts in old newspaper or older butter papers that you may have lying around.
Using cloth is also a fun option when trying to add a fun yet different element to your packing style.

You not only end up doing something unique but also some recycling goes a long long way!

Don’t Overthink It

Not everyone is a natural packer! Don’t worry too much about the neatness and the shape of the bow. Everything done with sincerity and love always look and feels nice to whomsoever you’re gifting it to!

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