Diwali, the festival of lights is fast approaching and there is already a sense of excitement, hope and euphoria amongst the people of India. It is also called 'Festival of Lights' as people illuminate candles, 'diyas' on this day and celebrate the victory of good over wicked powers. The day is celebrated in throughout the world, where in Nepal it is called 'Tihar' and 'Swanti'. Diwali is also originated as the harvest day where it is considered as the last harvest time of the year before the starting of winter season. Businessmen close their accounts and starts their new financial year. Therefore, Goddess Lakshmi, deity of wealth and prosperity in the Hinduism, is thanked and people offer their praying and wish to have a good year ahead.

In North India, the day marks the homecoming of Lord Ram to his kingdom 'Ayodhya' after the 14 years of exile. People of his kingdom celebrated his home return by lightning thousands of 'diyas', therefore the day has been named as 'Deepavali', which is again shortened as 'Diwali'. In the southern part of the India, the day has been associated with the victory of Lord Krishna and defeat of demon Narakasura. The western people celebrate the day in the honor of the King Bali who has been ordered by the deity Vishnu to rule the nether world.

For the Jainism people, the day has been connoted with the nirvana of Lord Mahavir, which took place on 15th October, 527 B.C. For the Sikh community, the importance of the day has been increased when their Guru Hargobind Ji, the 6th Guru, has been released from the imprisonment with 52 Hindu Kings. Overall, the Diwali calls for the worldwide celebration, with its shimmering beauty it is enjoyed by most of the people, regardless of their faith and culture.

At a time when India has barely managed to fight off the severe recession, there is huge hope from the festival of Diwali. Diwali has always attracts a lot of consumers to the market and we just hope that this year as well Diwali will bring that much needed cheer in the markets.
Euphoria and excitement associated with Diwali is unparalleled to any other occasion in the world as people in India and elsewhere celebrate this festival of lights with amazing level of enthusiasm. There are many exciting aspects related to the festival of Diwali such as the 'Pooja' Rituals, decorations, lighting of 'diyas' , exchange of sweets, gifts and shopping.
Shopping in Diwali is a treat to watch as the markets are buzzed with large scale shopping activity especially for apparels, utensils, jewelry, sweets, household items and even automobiles. It is considered auspicious to make a purchase during the time of Diwali and the shopping activity throughout India takes on a whole new meaning.
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Diwali, the festival of lights will be celebrated throughout India on 17th October, 2009. Celebrations related to the Diwali festival have always been grand in India as the festival invokes a feeling of euphoria amongst the people of India.