So what is it about Acupuncture that has this amazing power? After all…it’s just a few stainless steel needles with nothing on them or in them, how could they possible make any difference?

Acupuncture is the art of understanding the nature of disease or weakness within someone’s body, seeing where the imbalances are and then balance them again by moving the body’s energy around.

The energy that I refer to here is called Qi and it is what circulates throughout your entire body in every moment. And by balancing this Qi your internal organs will work in harmony providing you with the perfect environment for a baby to grow.

If a woman’s spleen Qi is weak she will be anaemic, have possible recurring miscarriages and constantly be tired all the time. If her liver was hot due to stress or pollutants the blood that circulates around her uterus will not flow properly, the blood will be sticky and clot and or the blood will be too hot and in this case make the uterus an unsuitable environment for a foetus to grow.
And then there is the kidney essence. The kidneys set the temperature and provide the elixir of life. And when the kidneys are weak there will be infertility. This essence will be the foundation of your baby’s constitution and its ability to grow into a strong adult.

Acupuncture has the ability to balance your organs so they function at their optimum levels and in the event provide the ideal environment for a baby to grow and develop a strong constitution.

It’s not magic, its wisdom that has been handed down from teacher to student for longer than 3000 years. Acupuncture will help you conceive if you give it a chance. Be sure to visit a practitioner that has a strong foundation in the Traditional Chinese Medicine field and then you will know that you will be getting the best care.

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Author's Bio: 

During a fateful school soccer match at the age of 15 Scott sprained his ankle. Fortuitously, he was advised to see a "Chinese medicine man" by his coach.

When inside the Chinatown acupuncture clinic, the pungent smell of herbs and the precision of the acupuncturist all seemed strangely familiar to Scott, which he can only describe as if he "was coming home". This experience left a long lasting impression, one that would determine his life path in years to come.

During his formative years, Scott enjoyed martial arts, athletics, team sports and a natural curiosity for understanding how things 'work'.

By the time he was 20, he was juggling full-time carpentry work around a part-time remedial massage business and Kung-Fu training. It was all smooth sailing until his back was severely injured from lifting concrete slabs, a turning point in life which led him to the healing art of Qi-Gong, initially as a self healing technique.

The next several years saw Scott develop his interest in Qi-Gong, and to teach Qi-Gong workshops at health retreats in Australia. Subsequently, his alignment with the philosophies of the Chinese healing arts led to more formal studies of Chinese Medicine. In pursuit of further learning he travelled to Asia in 1996. The highlight of this journey for Scott, was working as an acupuncturist and massage therapist at Kalubowila Hospital in Sri Lanka at the free acupuncture clinic.

On returning to Australia in 1998, Scott advanced his studies in Chinese Medicine. Today Scott works along side Sports Physicians and General Practitioners in Sydney's CBD, specializing in muscular-skeletal problems and stress related illnesses.

Scott's passion and curiosity for understanding how things 'work', continues to inspire him. He now defines his life's work as a healer to include listening attentively, understanding compassionately and inquiring insightfully to assist positive change into peoples' lives.