The primary purpose of most Fengshui elements is to bring good luck in a certain place. Nevertheless, there are some elements that are primarily used for scrying and fortunetelling. One of these are a Fengshui Crystal Grazing Ball. In fact, this beautiful crystal ball is one of the most powerful and popular things used for predicting the future.

Fengshui Crystal Balls have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of fortune telling. It was first seen in the birthplace of Fengshui, the Chinese civilization. Contrary to popular belief, the ball does not have magical powers that instantly foretells a person's future. Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface and looking for the answers to one questions. The surface could even be anything as simple as water.

A Crystal Ball simple serves the purpose of portraying the proceedings of the subconscious mind.In simple words, it allows a person to disassociate with his consciousness, enter a trance-like state and get access to the mystical insight of one's sub consciousness. It is said that it contains reflective energies, hence special care should be taken towards the storage, cleansing, handling and charging of this special ball, failing which the ball may lose its energies and become unproductive.
Uses of the Crystal Ball:
The Fengshui Crystal Ball is used for a variety of purposes.

· As discussed above, the ball is primarily used for the purpose of scrying and fortune telling.

· Apart from this, it is used by people as a constant source of positive energy and good luck.

· Many people also use it as a calming source during meditation. It acts as a visionary to the spiritual world when used during meditation.

· Along with being a Fengshui necessity, the placement of this ball is also important. When placed in a business area or workstation, it ensures the constant flow of money and wealth in the concerned place.

· If placed around the study desk of a student, education success is observed.

· It is also seen that if a ball is placed in a room where frequent arguments take place, it visibly reduces the rate of family quarrels by calming people's minds.

· Two crystal balls are advised to be kept in the room of a couple for a better and successful love relationship.

· A ball can be placed inside a car for luck that travels along with you.

Different coloured Fensghui Crystal Balls stand for different virtues. Nonetheless, all of them are used as a source of positive energy and stand for things like optimism, well-sightedness and a peaceful mind.

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