Fall is one of my favorite times of year. As the weather cools and the leaves change, I am faced with burgundy, red, yellow and orange where once there was only green. The kaleidoscope of color on the East coast is breathtaking – being a native California girl myself, I am always in awe of the majesty and beauty of nature this time of year.

As a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, I am reminded that Feng Shui is deeply connected to the patterns and cycles in nature. In spring, plants send out new shoots and seeds sprout new life. In summer, nature is at its fullest expression of life – the plants are lush and colorful. In fall, nature begins to gather its energy in preparation for the deep hibernation and restoration that occurs in winter. When we live our lives in alignment with the natural energy patterns around us, our bodies are synchronized and in balance with nature.

Feng Shui is also concerned with comfort and safety – which leads me to maintenance and care. Fall is the perfect time of year to incorporate annual maintenance habits into your life. Try not to think of them as chores – who wants to be stuck doing chores on a beautiful fall weekend? Instead, view them as part of the natural process of nature, a time of preparation for winter.

Make changes in your living spaces to reflect the changing season

* Switch to warmer blankets, comforters and bedding (this is a great time to change the look and feeling in your bedroom by changing to new bedding colors and patterns)
* Change the accent pillows on your living room sofa and chairs (a change always feels fresh and exciting – creating a sense of vibrancy in any space)
* Bring in warm throws and coverlets for use in the living room or family room
* If you removed your areas rugs for the summer months, now is the time to put them back in their positions to help keep your floors warm
* Re-hang winter weight curtains

Winterize your home or apartment

* Change the batteries in all your smoke alarms
* Clean windows and screens
* Caulk window and door frames
* Weather-strip doors
* Replace all old and burned out light bulbs
* Wipe down baseboards and doors
* Replace HVAC filters
* Complete any exterior paint projects

Putting the beds and garden to bed- it’s always best whenever possible, to use organic fertilizers and plant food. These products do not harm our precious water table, or the plants they are used on.

* This is the perfect time to move or relocate plants and to add trees or shrubs to your garden
* Trim and prune shrubs and trees
* Fertilize your beds and plants
* Mulch your plant beds, or if you prefer, let nature help. Instead of removing all the leaves that fall from the trees, let some remain as natures mulch to protect and nourish your bedding areas.
* For those of you in colder climates you may want to consider wrapping your delicate shrubs with burlap to protect them from harsh winter winds and freezing temperatures.
* Empty your flower pots and store for the winter
* Bring in any potted plants that must winter indoors
* Fertilize your lawn
* This is also the perfect time to give thought to spring – any plants you want to add or any areas you may want to change.
* Now is the time to plant bulbs for next spring.

I’ve included lots of ideas and suggestions in this list; consider incorporating the ones that feel right to you. It’s not necessary to do every item on this list. Making even small changes during this time of natural transition will help to create a connection to nature – no matter where you live. And when we connect to the world of nature around us our lives align in greater balance. And balance is so much more comfortable than the alternative!

Change takes time. Enjoy the process – and the beauty of the season!

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