Using feng shui techniques in your outdoor gardens will not only increase your enjoyment of your yard, but will also attract positive energy to your home. Size is not important when planning a feng shui garden, because your focus is going to be on adding traditional feng shui elements to your garden, even if it is quite small.

Adding “Good” Energy

Your garden can be looked at using the same feng shui theories that apply to the inside of your home. Your goal will be to strengthen each of the areas to maximize the amount of good energy. Water features are very important in the garden, not only to attract positive energy, but also because they will bring tranquility to the garden area. You can choose the area that you feel would benefit from the positive quality of water the most, such as the North if you want to enhance your career and path in life, the Southeast to enhance money and abundance, or the East to enhance health and family. Waterfalls are especially nice, as they can help create cash flow. The Northwest area of your garden represents self cultivation and personal growth. Earth is the natural element for this area, so a beautiful rock garden might be a nice addition.

Promoting Contemplative Thought

Other features that make good additions to an outdoor feng shui garden include wind chimes or a garden gazing ball. Gazing balls are very relaxing and promote contemplative thought, and the reflective surface acts like a mirror, creating the feeling of endless opportunities. A wind chime will promote positive feng shui vibrations, in addition to providing a gentle relaxing sound that will increase your enjoyment of the garden.

Lift the Spirits

When adding plants to your garden, placing them in groups is usually the best approach. Plant a group of three red flowering plants close to your front door. If you have any plants in your garden that aren't doing well, or which have died, remove them immediately and replace them with plants that are at least as nice and preferably even better than the ones you lost. All plants should be kept well trimmed and well cared for at all times, and any dead blossoms should be promptly removed. Do not allow any clutter, dead leaves or fallen blossoms to litter the ground of your garden. Have a multitude of live plants in your garden, with an emphasis on plants that have rounded leaves. Bright and cheerful colors are always preferred when adding flowering plants to a feng shui garden. Be sure to include some fragrant flowers in the garden to help lift your spirits.


Add a bench or seat to the garden, possibly close to the water feature or gazing ball, to provide a serene place for you to go and enjoy the garden. However, do not add too much seating to the garden area, as this can cramp the space and represent the limitation of opportunities. Spruce up any areas of your yard that are visible from the garden, such as adding a fresh coat of paint to your mailbox. Finally, add some lights to the garden area, especially if the garden path leads up to your front door, to light the way for prosperity and wealth.

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