Do you find finances to be a “scary thing"? I think I was born a numbers person – come on, there’s nothing much more fun than counting money!

Some time ago, I was asked to relay a story of my first money-making venture. When I was six years old, I got a cotton candy machine for Christmas with all the different colors of sugar that you poured into the machine. Then it would spin around and out would come this beautiful cotton candy. I put the cotton candy machine on my little wagon and sold my goods in the neighborhood for a nickel a pop. I counted my profits then and have been counting ever since!

Three Important Life Concepts
There are three important life concepts that we need to understand to create space for prosperity.

1. Feng Shui
The first concept is based upon Feng Shui, which is all about creating a harmonious environment, where the flow of energy (which includes physical objects such as money) is maximized. De-clutter your space!

2. Theory of Relativity
The second concept is Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Here's a way to easily grasp this concept.
1. On a piece of paper, draw a seesaw. (I'm artistically challenged so my seesaw looks like a "T")
2. On the left side of the seesaw, write the letter "E".
3. In the middle of the seesaw, draw an equal sign (=).
4. On the right side of the seesaw, write MC2
E=MC2 is the Theory of Relativity. First, ignore the " C2". That stands for the speed of light which cannot change. The only thing that can change is the “E,” which represents ENERGY, and the “M,” which represents MASS.

Look at your seesaw. You have "E" on one side and "M" on the other. What this means is that if you increase “M” or mass, what happens to the “E”? It drops way down to the ground. In order to get back to being in harmony, you have to increase your energy. On the simplest level, apply this method to the clutter you have in your life. If you reduce your clutter (the "Mass" in this case), you end up reducing the amount of "Energy" needed to move that mass.
Your mental thought patterns are energy as well. Mental clutter - annoyances, worry, resentments, – get in your way energetically, just as physical clutter does.

3. Law of Vacuum
The third concept is the Law of Vacuum. When something departs from our reality, it creates a vacuum that wants to draw in something new. Is it going to be something you want? You can intentionally choose what you want in your life…or you can wait to see what shows up by accident. That’s your choice every day.

Financial Prosperity
So what does all this have to do with prosperity? It all starts with the flow of energy around you.
Think about being a few pounds overweight. When we drop a few pounds, we not only look better, but we also have more energy for more things because we need less energy to move our mass.
The same holds true for our finances: the better organized our finances, the more physical and mental energy we have for other intentional activities that move us toward our purpose.
In Dr. Henry Cloud book, Nine Things a Leader Must Do, he said when we avoid facing things directly they tend to grab us at the times when we can’t address them effectively. An example is that financial issue you've been avoiding that pops into your mind the moment you lay your head down on the pillow…when you are least equipped to do something about it.

Avoidance always prolongs pain. The only way to eliminate that pain is to stop avoiding that financial issue you really don’t want to deal with.

How do we do that?

Thinking for Personal Prosperity
There are five ways of thinking that will eliminate the things that keep us from personal prosperity.

1. One $ at a Time
The way the world is today, we want it all…AND…we want it all right now. This all or nothing thinking really keeps us stuck in a destructive rut for years – sometimes for a lifetime.
Buildings are built one brick at a time. And personal prosperity is created one dollar at a time. It’s the way the universe works.

2. Money is a Means, Not an End
Money is a tool. And as all matter, it’s also energy, so it is meant to flow.
If you horde it, if you struggle or worry over it, you are cluttering your money flow and will find yourself stuck where you are financially. Or worse, it will flow elsewhere. Remember the Theory of Relativity? It’s a flow of energy you want to create, so the more it flows through you, the more space you create for prosperity.

3. Expect Abundance
Do you recall driving, maybe on one of those new home tours where there’s hundreds of opulent homes, wondering "what in the world do all those people do to make that much money"? They’re not all world-famous defense attorneys and lottery winners. The majority of them built their dreams ONE DOLLAR AT A TIME by expecting to be successful, by persistently pursuing their passion, and intentionally living their purpose. They know they will attract everything they need to realize their dreams.

4. The Big Picture
In 1978, I was working full-time with a husband and a toddler. I decided to pursue my dream and go back to college. Seven years of night school later, I received my Bachelor’s degree. Two years later I became a CPA.

At the beginning of that journey, if I had concentrated on how terribly hard it was going to be every day, I never would have made it through even the first semester. Instead, I opted to see in my mind’s eye a financially secure family, supported by me doing work that was interesting, paid well, and used my God-given talents.

Even though it’s important to live in the now, it's just as important to see the big picture and not get bogged down with the minutia that happens to us every day. Instead, visualize every day having already achieved the long-term goal that you have and concentrate on what you are doing today to make that happen.

5. Start Today
Taking action – almost any action – is going to relieve some of the paralysis you might feel. We all get overwhelmed and may not know what to do next, so we are indecisive. The easiest step you can take to get out of this
paralyzed state is: Pick one action that you can take TODAY that will inspire you to get moving toward your purpose.

 Remember the seesaw? Keep your positive thoughts and money flowing by creating space for prosperity and abundance in your life.
 Get rid of resentments, negative thoughts, and physical STUFF that clutter up your mind and your environment.
 Focus your thoughts, time and effort on what you want to attract more of.

Author's Bio: 

Melinda has over 25 years experience in senior and executive corporate management. A CPA by profession (but not by personality!), Melinda is a Prosperity Expert, speaker, trainer and coach. She is the founder and CEO of T-Zone Consulting, Inc., in the Texas Hill Country, whose goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve greater prosperity by teaching them to Break Boundaries that are limiting their success.