Does life feel difficult? Are you feeling less productive than usual? Do you wish you could increase your prosperity and wealth?

The solution is found in the lifestyle principles of Feng Shui. Its principles are neither a bandage nor quick fix but rather a basic system of order that creates a flow of natural energy throughout your surroundings and within your body. Much like your body needs water, nourishment and exercise to function properly; your surroundings also require attention so that you may prosper, be more productive and create a better tomorrow.

Some steps may seem mundane and routine, others may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but the important thing to know is that they work.

To Improve Productivity:

• Plan for your new day the night before. Determine what type of day you want to have and select your clothing accordingly. Set your intentions the night before, then wear the clothes that will help you accomplish your goals. Dress for the success you have planned.
• Make your bed before leaving your bedroom. That completes the sleep cycle and prepares you for an organized day ahead.
• Mentally plan your day with a “will do” list every morning. Include the top five things you wish to accomplish and do the most important one first.

To Promote Well-being:

• Physically nourish your body with wholesome, nutritious food as you begin your day so it will operate smoothly. A balanced meal each morning will give you a solid foundation for the day, which helps you avoid the munchies and junk food cravings that can distract you.
• Take breaks during the day so you can refresh your mind, get rid of any negative thoughts and allow new thinking to enter.
• Make time in your busy day for a brief walk to breathe in the fresh air outdoors and get a bit of exercise – you will feel better and you will sharpen your thought process as well.

To Increase Prosperity:

• Be grateful for what you have. The attitude of gratitude makes way for new prosperity to enter your world.
• Ladies, do not place your purse on the floor – it allows for your money to flow out and run away from you. Men, do not place your wallets on sinks or on the back of the toilet. These locations allow your wealth to flow down the drain and away from you.
• Create a mental picture of what you want your tomorrow to look like in the short term and the long term. Then create a visual reminder of those goals. Use a bulletin board or a word document and build a picture of those goals. Make sure to use all the senses (how would you feel, what would it taste like etc.) in your visual reminder.

To Encourage Healthy Relationships:

• Always begin this process by loving yourself first. Even if this means looking at yourself in the mirror every day and telling yourself how much you love every hair, every inch and every pound of your body.
• Place a small bud vase with two flowers of equal size on your beside table. One represents the outer you and the other the inner. Encourage the beauty within to merge with the beauty outside. It is a constant reminder of how special you are and to love yourself.
• Do something kind for someone every day. Send a card or note to a friend or acquaintance to thank them or give them a word of encouragement. Wear a smile when you call someone on the phone and they will respond in equal kindness. Place a mirror by your phone to remind you to smile.

To Maintain Personal Growth:

• Create a bucket list of books you want to read and then get started. It will give you pleasure.
• Read something every morning that is inspirational and feeds your soul. It will set the tone for a positive day.
• Read something every evening before you go to bed that causes reflection and introspection. You will wake up in the morning inspired, with a problem solved or the motivation to take on a new day.

Add items to this list to personalize it so it serves your needs. Then do it. Your tomorrows will improve.

© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved

Author's Bio: 

Pat Heydlauff, CEO of Energy By Design, draws her knowledge and wisdom from life experiences and personal issues. She experienced and overcame many challenges such as job elimination, illnesses, loss of sight in one eye and care-taking. Pat was divinely guided to balance her world through her artistic expression, painting. This put her in a state of prayer and meditation which lead her to create the art book, “The Way We Go” Your Roadmap to a Better Future. She is also the author of published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, 21 Ways to Increase... Employee Engagement and published books. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or