If you own a business or if you want to become a successful entrepreneur one day, you can use the power of feng shui to help you achieve your dreams of business success. Through the proper use of feng shui principles, you'll be able to attract even more wealth and power to your life. As you do so, you'll find that each day your business will become even more successful and profitable. If you're looking for ways to become a more successful entrepreneur, here are a few feng shui tips you should try.

Always Take Your Office Space Seriously

If you've been trying to run your business from a beat up desk or even from your kitchen table or coffee table, you're making a big business mistake. By not devoting a special area to your work endeavors, you're not giving enough honor and respect to the process. Even if you don't have a spare room that you can completely devote to office space, you need to at least set aside a specific area for your business activities. Many people find that they work best when they are in a traditional office environment. However, you might find that slightly more relaxed surroundings suit you best. Whichever you choose, you should always strive to keep your work area clean, efficient and clear of clutter. By doing so, you'll be encouraging the free flow of positive energy throughout the area.

Even though you might decide to squeeze your office area into an existing room, you should do everything possible to avoid using part of your bedroom as a home office. Mixing work and bedroom activities is almost always a recipe for disaster.

Arranging Your Office Space

Once you've decided upon a room or at least a portion of a room where you plan to work, it's time to decide upon a harmonious furniture arrangement. When positioning your desk and other work areas, make sure that you won't be sitting with your back facing the room's entryway. It's also best to avoid placing your desk in an area where you'll have a window behind you or a wall facing you. If you make the mistake of positioning your desk so that you're facing a wall, it will be as though you are constantly facing personal and business obstacles that are as immovable as the wall itself.

Instead, place your desk in a position of power within the room. You should have a straight line of sight towards the room's entryway. By sitting so that a solid wall is behind you instead of in front of you, the wall will provide you with support instead of constantly being in your way. When you sit at a desk that is positioned in a "power spot," you'll almost immediately get the feeling that you are in charge of your surroundings, your life and your business success. When choosing a desk style, stick to those that have a solid rectangular shape. Although L-shaped desks can be quite convenient, their cleaver-like shape can actually cut through the room's positive energy, preventing it from reaching you as you sit behind it. It's also best to select a solid chair instead of one with an open weave, as the solidarity of the chair is seen as providing symbolic support to the person sitting in it.

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