When applying feng shui principles to your home, it is important to remember that hidden clutter can be just as detrimental and disruptive to the positive energy in your home as visible clutter. Therefore, it is vital to keep areas such as cabinets, drawers and closets clean and organized. When organizing your closet, there are some good feng shui practices you can use to encourage order and positive energy flow. When you clear out the clutter, you will not only encourage good fortune, but you will also help to remove bad luck

Start by Emptying the Closet
Removing everything from the closet is the first step towards restoring order and balance. Once the closet is empty, you should dust it thoroughly, sweep the floor, and wash the walls. Ideally, you should paint the closet to provide yourself with a fresh start. If you have time, leave the closet door open for a day or two with the closet still empty to encourage the flow of positive energy. If the closet is in your bedroom and you have a need for a mirror, the inside of the closet door can be a perfect location, since the door can be closed while you sleep at night, thus eliminating the need to cover the mirror.

Sort and Discard
While you are allowing the positive energy to flow throughout the opened empty closet, you can focus on organizing the contents of the closet. The primary task when cleaning the closet is to reduce clutter and eliminate any unnecessary items. Sorting the closet contents into separate boxes, such as one for items you wish to donate to charity, one for items you plan to sell in a garage sale, and one for items that you wish to keep can help with the sorting process. Ideally, you should strive to remove about half of the contents of the closet, so that everything has enough room to be spaced out. It is also best if you can avoid storing items on the floor of the closet. While cleaning, you may find items in the closet that do not belong there. If this is the case, return them to their proper location.

Putting Everything Back into the Closet
Once the closet is clean and your belongings have been sorted, it is time to put everything back where it belongs. Purchasing new matching hangers for your closet can help to create an organized look. Decide upon an orderly arrangement for everything as you put it back. For example, you might decide to sort your clothing by color, or perhaps by type. You can also encourage the right kind of energy for every part of your life by placing your clothing in the most optimal location. For example, casual or special occasion clothing should be located in the middle of the closet to encourage your health and fame. Clothes that you wear to work should be placed to the left to promote your prosperity and knowledge. Intimate items such as lingerie should go on the right to encourage creativity. If you store off-season clothing in the same closet as your regular clothes, they should be stored on the top shelf so that they do not crowd your everyday clothing items. Once your closet is clean and orderly, you will be able to enjoy both the positive energy and the ease with which you will be able to locate things.

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