Although many people naturally think of spring as the perfect time for new beginnings, autumn is also an important season to consider. As summer ends and autumn begins, it marks the beginning of a time period when families tend to spend a greater amount of time inside their home. Before winter arrives, you should use the pleasant autumn season to prepare your home. Here are some feng shui tips you can use to warm up your home and get it ready for the cooler weather that is right around the corner.

Add Seasonal Enhancements Wisely

Even if you don't change your entire decorating style with the seasons, it can be nice to make at least a few seasonal enhancements. Many families enjoy decorating their home with pumpkins, gourds, seasonal dried flowers, and other fall-oriented décor. Although these decorations can certainly add to the overall beauty of your home, it's important to add them wisely. Always make sure the front entryway of your door is kept clear, neat and tidy. After all, although that pile of pile of pumpkins might look decorative, it could also be blocking the flow of positive energy into your home.

When adding seasonal decorations to your home, strive to make sure the overall effect isn't too cluttered. If necessary, put a few of your existing piece of home décor into storage before replacing them with your seasonal décor. By doing so, you'll keep your home uncluttered, thus making it a friendlier place for positive energy to flow freely.

Organizational Tips

Many families find that their cleaning and organizing chores go on temporary hiatus over the summer. Busy vacation schedules and the summer heat itself tend to make it more difficult to keep a home clean and tidy. Before winter arrives, you'll want to give your home a good cleaning. While you're at it, remember to throw out or donate anything that you don't really need.

As the seasons change, it's also important to properly organize your closets, Autumn marks the time when you'll want to start putting your summer clothing into storage, bringing out your long-sleeved shirt and sweaters instead. As you perform this task, take a good look at your clothing. If you have any items that are in poor repair, mend them. If some of your clothing items no longer fit or if they have gone out of style, donate them to charity instead of once again stuffing them into your closet. By ridding your life of unused items, you'll also be ridding it of the negative energy that could be hindering your life and holding you back.

Autumn Chores

During autumn, it's also a good idea to establish a few seasonal chores to help your home and family get ready for the approaching cold weather. Before the frost kills your outdoor plants, bring a few of them inside to add life to your interior surroundings. Prepare for the upcoming bad weather by making sure your pantry is stocked with an emergency food and water supply. You should also take your car in for an overall checkup to make sure it is also ready for the upcoming cold season. Autumn is also a good time to check the battery on your home's smoke alarm, especially since most families tend to use their stove, oven and indoor lighting more frequently during the autumn and winter seasons.

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