What shape of land is the most ideal from the perspective of Feng Shui?

The answer is square.

Based on Feng Shui system, a land that is square can distribute qi evenly. Qi is life force or energy in the environment. It is a natural phenomenon that energy finds it ways through the land in a slow, meandering or fast manner depending on the land shapes.

A square shaped land contains qi that is spread out evenly through the four corners. The distribution and flow of qi is said to be even and balance. The next best shape is rectangular. Even though it is not as symmetrical as compared with a square shaped land, it still offers a somewhat balanced and optimal flow of qi.

A land that is irregular shaped will cause qi to flow haphazardly and unbalanced. For example, a triangular shaped land may be symmetrical but it has only 3 corners. When it is divided into 8 sectors, you will find each sector to be bigger or smaller than the other. Why 8 sectors?

In accordance to Feng Shui principles, a property has 8 sectors or palaces which demarcate the different aspects of human existence based on compass directions. When the sectors are not of the same sizes or some may even be missing after the division, a certain aspect of the property is negatively affected which corresponds to the health, wealth, career and relationship of the occupants.

A triangular shaped land belongs to the element of fire. Such a shape tends to have sharp corners after division and make qi flow in a sharp and destructive manner, just like fire.

Whereas a square shaped land has 8 equal-sized sectors after division and it allows qi to flow in an organized and regular arrangement. The occupants will then be able to harness the land for prosperity and harmony based on Feng Shui formulas. This is provided that they build a square-shaped property on the land in compliance with Feng Shui’s principle of 8 compass directions or sectors.

A square shaped property or land belongs to the element of earth. It naturally attracts earth energy. Based on Feng Shui principles, qi comes in five elemental phases i.e. wood, fire, earth, metal and water. One produces the other in the cycle of production.

A land that is shaped like fire will support a property that is shaped like earth. This is because fire support earth in the cycle of production. If you have a triangular shaped land and not able to change it into square, the next best alternative is to build a property that is shaped like earth i.e. square. The land is then supportive of the property.

Other elemental shaped buildings and their associated elements are as follows:-

Long and tubular shaped – Wood
Round and dome shaped – Metal
Irregular or shapeless – Water

If possible, you should build a property that receives support from the land based on the elemental cycle of production. Overall, the most ideal shape of land and property is still square as Feng Shui favours it.

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