I know many of you have been either trying to sell your home or perhaps you’ve been giving it some thought. The tips I’m going to share will put you and your home at the front of the pack. Preparation and commitment are critical here – you have to do the work to get the maximum benefit.

Step 1 – The basics (Feng Shui can be practical!)

1. Clear clutter. If there is ever a time to release your extra stuff, this is it. Go through every room, every closet, and every cupboard and release everything you no longer use, need or love.

2. Now that you’ve cleared clutter, go back through every room, every closet and every cupboard and pack up approximately 10-25% of the items in each space. (Why you ask? This is the time to literally make room for someone new, to make room you have to move some stuff out!)

3. Take down and clean all curtains.

4. Wipe down your baseboards, doors and all trim.

5. Time for spring-cleaning, even if it isn’t spring! Move the furniture, get behind the fridge, the washer and dryer and really clean up.

6. Clean your windows (You want your home to sparkle and shine – time to get the ‘girl’ ready for a show!)

7. Thoroughly clean your garage – time to throw away everything you don’t want to take with you. (Believe me, you have more to throw away than you think you do!)

8. Touch up walls and trim where the paint has been chipped.

9. Dust all ceilings and corners for spider and dust webs.

Once your home sparkles and shines, it’s time to hire a home inspector. I know, you’re thinking that a home inspection is part of the contract process once you have a buyer and that’s true. And here’s why I recommend hiring an inspector before you put your home up for sale – you want to know everything about your home that needs fixing or correcting before you go to sell it. And once you know, make those repairs now.

Almost 2/3rds of all home sales that fall through do so because of something that comes up during inspection – if you get ahead of the process you can be assured that your home will pass inspection with flying colors!

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