Proper lighting is very important to any home. Whether you need bright task lighting or soft ambient lighting in order to set the proper mood, the number of lights as well as the type of lights you use can have a profound effect upon your home. If you are trying to use feng shui principles to enhance your life and your home, here are some lighting tips you can try.

Boost Your Home's Positive Energy

Through the use of proper lighting techniques, you can actually boost the flow of positive energy throughout your home. The trick is to simply use the right lights in the right areas. For example, you can use different colored lights to enhance the effects of any feng shui principles you may already be using. A purple light could be perfect in your wealth area. If the idea of a purple bulb doesn't appeal to you, try using a purple lampshade instead, since the overall effect will be the same. You can also enhance your relationships and love life by using proper lighting techniques in the bedroom.

When using lighting in your home, it's important to understand that it's the indoor version of the sun. Just as the sun is the source of life for the outside world, in many ways your lighting is your home's source of life and energy. You can use this principle to add illumination and life to dark corners of your home where negative energy has a tendency to gather. If you have a room in your home that always feels a little bit dark and depressing, try adding brighter lighting. You might be amazed at the effect it will have on the overall mood and energy level of the room. By simply adding better lighting to a room, you can often transform the area into a much more positive space in which to live.

Light Levels within the Home

Many people these days are looking at the wattage of their light bulbs, in an attempt to save money on their energy bill while also embracing a "greener" lifestyle. In fact, you might even be thinking about reducing the number of lights within your home. It's important to remember that by reducing the amount of light, you could also be reducing the amount of positive energy inside your home. Instead of reducing the wattage, using more energy-efficient bulbs is generally a better option. You can greatly reduce your energy usage by replacing your incandescent bulbs with efficient LED or compact fluorescent bulbs, without reducing the level of positive energy within your home.

It's also important to keep your lights in good repair. If a bulb burns out, replace it immediately. The same thing is true for a lamp or light fixture that begins to malfunction. Always replace or repair malfunctioning lamps and light fixtures as soon as you possibly can. Just as you would not want the negative energy of a dead plant in your home, you should also strive to never have your "interior sun" burn out. By replacing malfunctioning lighting quickly, you won't give negative energy a chance to gather in your home - or in your life.

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