Feng Shui for your Dining Room by Laura Cerrano featured in NEWSDAY

Feng Shui NYC consultant Laura Cerrano was featured in the Long Island NY Newspaper NEWSDAY about utilizing Feng Shui to enhance the energy and decorate your Dining Room. Carole Provenzale (Certified Feng Shui consultant and mother) and Laura Cerrano worked together in the beginning but, Carole passed away mid-way through the process.

"Cerrano, 26, who owns Feng Shui Long Island, says she tries to help clients understand feng shui and that it can have a prominent or understated position in a home’s decor. “You also don’t have to spend a lot of money,” she says. “Feng shui isn’t about throwing out the old and buying all new.”— Sylvia E. King-Cohen of NEWSDAY

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NYC Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano is a Second Generation Certified Feng Shui Consultant who has trained with Feng Shui Long Island and Masters from across the Country including Shamans to incorporate Native American beliefs and Space Clearings into her Feng Shui Consulting Firm, Feng Shui Manhattan New York City NY. After co-consulting on site for many years Laura began her own business in 2000 and has a strong client base in New York City, New York, Long Island NY, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey and the rest of the New York Tri-State area..