If your child plays sports, you can help your child to unearth his or her maximum potential as an athlete via the power of feng shui. By teaching your child to harness and make the most use out of chi energy, the child will be able to enhance their ability as an athlete and gain a greater amount of satisfaction from the sport that they play. Inversely, there are some activities that you must teach your child to steer clear of in order to live up to their fullest potential and avoid draining the positive energy within. The tips that follow will help you to invite and magnify chi within your home to benefit the athletic child.

The Ultimate Feng Shui Bedroom for the Athletic Child

There’s a good chance that your athletic child spends quite a bit of time in their bedroom, especially if the child is in the teen years. For this reason, feng shui principles should be applied to this area of the home in order to maximize the energy that flows through the child’s life. To increase the child’s level of fitness, remove as much interference as possible within the room by taking out as many electrical or digital items as possible. Position any electrical item as far as possible from the child’s bed if they are must-haves for the room, like an alarm clock, for example. Don’t choose metal furniture for the child’s bedroom as it is a natural conduit for electricity. Avoid using mirrors in the bedroom if you can. Mirrors can be a negative influence on the child’s health.

Dealing with Sports Equipment

Don’t allow your child to store his or her sports equipment, like bats, mitts, balls, and cleats in the bedroom. Instead, arrange for an alternate storage space within the home. If the child keeps the equipment in their bedroom, the peaceful and relaxed feel of the space is lost. Equipment that is used in competitive sports, like baseball, basketball, softball and so on, can bring an element of adversarial negativity to the space which can make the child become overly competitive. This also includes storing items for sports beneath the bed – the item can still lend negative vibes to the space, disrupting the flow of chi.

Feng Shui for Home’s Center Enhances Child’s Athleticism

Other areas of the home can benefit from feng shui to enhance your child’s athletic prowess. Most children are naturally healthy, which makes sports a great outlet for them to use up their excess energy and build positive self-esteem while making friends and learning some of life’s lessons. The healthier your child is, the more their natural ability to shine in sports will come through. Find ways to add vitality and life to the center of your home, which is the spot of the home that is most associated with health according to feng shui principles. By bringing in some live plants, you can help to encourage the flow of good health within the home, not just for the child, but for all of the home’s occupants. Choose shades of sunny yellow or other yellow hues, as well as earthy colors for the center of the home. If you are a spiritual person, positioning items related to your spirituality in this space is another way to invite positive health and well-being throughout the home. In the home’s center, avoid tree-shaped objects, house plants that resemble trees, or pictures, prints, or other wall art that features trees as trees can move energy upward within a space, causing the earth elements to be uprooted. This can have a detrimental effect on your child’s health and fitness. Trees can be used in other areas of the home, however, just not in the health center of the home.

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