There have been countless studies conducted through the years that have proved how important relationships can be to a person's life. Friendships and love relationships have the ability to make a person happier, more energetic, and more satisfied with their life and surroundings. In fact, some of these studies even suggest that good relationships are the key to a longer and healthier life. Of course, it stands to reason that if good relationships can enhance your life, problematic relationships could be a detriment. Here are a few feng shui tips you can use to help cure relationship woes and find more peace, happiness and personal fulfillment.

Balance Your Home's Energy

In today's busy world, it's easy for a home's energy to become unbalanced. If your home has become cluttered or messy, it can be very difficult to maintain a proper energy balance. It's important to look at your home in two different ways - as a whole and as individual areas. For example, if your messy garage and laundry room are both located in the same area of your home, they could be negatively influencing a particular life area. If these unkempt rooms are located in the southwest, the love and marriage area of your life could be suffering. In the east, your garage and laundry room clutter could be negatively affecting family relationships. Likewise, cluttered areas in the north could be the cause of problematic career relationships.

Once you've examined and corrected the individual areas of your home, take the time to also look at it as a whole. Just as relationships - both good and bad - can affect all areas of your life, your home as a whole can play a large part in your interactions with others. If your home as a whole looks inviting, bright, cheerful and uncluttered, it will naturally help to inspire better relationships.

Let in the Light

If your home seems closed and dark, chances are your relationships may also be somewhat restricted and off-limits. By letting more positive energy into your home, you'll also be increasing your possibilities for positive relationships. Take a good look at your home from a lighting aspect. Are your window treatments too dark and heavy? Do you have adequate overhead lighting and lamps throughout your home? As an experiment, remove the window treatments from a particularly dark and dreary room. You'll undoubtedly notice that the room will instantly seem more positive and cheerful when it's bathed in natural sunlight.

Focus on What's Most Important

If you're trying to enhance the relationships in your life, it's important to focus on what's most important to you. For example, if you're trying to improve your relationship with your spouse and children, you have a different focus than a person who may be trying to attract a new love interest into his or her life. Keep in mind that each feng shui area of your home is associated with a particular life area. Pay particular attention to the north if you are trying to enhance relationships at work. The east can be especially important for family relationships. If you're trying to attract new love into your life or you want to enhance your relationship with your current partner, focus on the southwest area of your home. Although you should be careful not to let your home's energy become unbalanced, focusing on these specific areas can definitely help you solve your relationship woes.

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